Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Brandenburg!

Coming in at a height of six feet two inches, weighing in at an undisclosed amount of grams, the valiant volleyball visionary Eric Brandenburg comes to teach the students of Franklin High School the fundamentals of Chemistry and Physical Science.

Year One: What I Learned and Advice

It’s May, which means only one thing: School is almost over. Everyone has been surviving these last few weeks with the knowledge that Within just a few weeks, summer and all of its warm weather will be upon us (which

Classes You Should Take

With the year coming to an end and several seniors graduating, we at the saber slate felt we could reflect on some of our favorite classes that we’ve taken this year. With FHS showcasing a large variety of classes, these

Relay for Life 2017

On Friday, May 19th, Franklin High School held its annual Relay for Life event. Almost entirely run by volunteers, Relay for Life is an event that raises money for the American Cancer Society. The idea for Relay for Life was

La-La Land Movie Night

School is almost over. What are you going to do? Have a party? What is a better place to have a party than a park, especially when it is for free. This summer Franklin Area Parents and Students United (FAPSU),

Why Sleep Wastes Our Time

It’s 12:00 at night, and you just remembered you have homework. It’s such an extreme amount, that you don’t know if you’ll be able to finish it before school. You start the first problem – and you open your eyes

The FHS 2017 Marching Band Show: Together Forever

It’s that time of the year again, the rain is falling, the musical is performing, and the FHS Marching Band has chosen their show for next season. Their show will be Together Forever, A Story of Love, Loss, and Loyalty. The band

The End of Saber Slate

The Saber Slate has been around FHS for many years and has become a staple source for weird polls and news. Unfortunately (And I hate that I’m the one who has to write this article), the Saber Slate has not

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Class of 2017, Where are You Going to College?

Class of 2017, we want to know where you are going to college!  Although the official commitment deadline isn’t until May 1st, hopefully by starting

Light and Unite RED

Light and Unite RED puts a spotlight on the dangers of substance abuse and unites the community to engage in prevention, encourage treatment and support

Women’s March on the World

An unprecedented number of marchers and activists flooded the streets around the globe last Saturday, staging the biggest U.S. inaugural protest/Women’s march in the history

2017 Creating Music Concert!

Music. It is one of the few things that bring us as a species together. No matter what genre, people from all over the world

Stork & Company 2016

Milwaukee has an unusually high infant mortality rate. The national average for infant deaths is around 6 per 1,000 live births, while Milwaukee’s average infant

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