Academic Decathalon– Advisor: Mr. Kevin Nettesheim

The Academic Decathlon team consists of nine students. Each team is made up of three Honor students, three Scholastic students, and three Varsity students. Students are placed in one of the three levels based on their grade point average. Every school year a new theme is chosen and students compete in ten events related to the theme like Art, language & Literature, Music, Economics, Mathematics, Science or Social Studies, Interview, Speech, Essay and Super Quiz (state level). The levels of competition are local, regional, state and national. Teams move to the next level based upon their overall scores. This is a great opportunity for students to showcase their abilities in an intellectual environment.

Anime Club – Advisor: Mr. Rick Kania

Anime Club is for students, who want to watch and discuss appropriate anime videos. Students will also discuss how to draw anime and manga characters, and practice drawing these characters.

Art Club– Advisor: Ms. Stacey Mercier

Goal of Organization: To provide students the opportunity to work in a variety of medium, to learn and develop art skills.

Best Buddies– Advisors: Mrs. Vickie Jensen, Mr. Chad Phillippi and Mrs. Nancy Hamberger

Goal of Organization: To promote friendships for students with disabilities and their regular education peers through social activities and communication.

Creative Writing Club– Advisor:  Mr. Richard Gould

Goal of Organization:  To develop a community of writers within the school who support each other in  developing their writing skills and share their writing with the entire school community.

Empowered Women of FHS – Advisors: Mrs. Lisa Dennis & Mrs. Erin Doucette

Goal of Organization: To educate, inspire, and empower students through events such as self-defense courses, witness talks and other entertaining activities.

Environmental Conservation and Outdoor Club (ECO)– Advisor: Mr. Pat Gain & Mr. Todd Cerpich

The Franklin Environmental Conservation and Outdoor Club is an organization focused on environmental education, recreation, and community service opportunities for Franklin High School students.

FHS Service Club– Advisor: Mr. Peter Ruzicka

Goal of the Organization: To provide students the opportunity to enrich their lives and the lives of others by volunteering their time, energy and talents in a variety of school and community service projects.

FIRST Robotics– Advisors:  Ms. Margaret Guderyon, Mr. Seth Boettcher and Mr. Mike Carini

FIRST Robotics is a competitive program in which teams from around the world work with community sponsors and mentors to build a robot designed to play a game.  The purpose of FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is to encourage students to examine the possibilities available in science and technology related careers by giving them first hand experience working in these fields.

Formula FHS – Advisors: Mr. Derek Zabel & Mr. Alex Bondar

Goal of Organization: To allow students who are interested in motor sports, engineering and technology an outlet to showcase their talents. By designing and constructing a vehicle that is raced against other schools in a highly controlled and regulated environment.

Franklin Peers United– Advisor: TBD

Goal of Organization:  To develop leadership skills among high school youth by promoting healthy lifestyle choices and preventing alcohol, tobacco and other drug use among other youth.  Students in 9th through 12th grade present factual, age-appropriate information about alcohol, tobacco and other drugs to elementary and middle school students in 4th through 8th grade.  Peer Educators are selected according to their commitment to live a healthy lifestyle and their desire to serve as positive role models for their peers.

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)– Advisor:  Mrs. Lauren Zomboracz

Goal of Organization: FBLA is a national organization of students who are interested in learning more about business. Students will develop leadership and professional skills to help them in school and in their future.

Math Club – Advisor: Mr. Mike Carini

The goal of the math club is to provide students with an opportunity to compete with neighboring districts in competitive math events. Students use their problem solving skills in areas of algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and probability. Generally, teams of eight students will compete depending on the event.

Model United Nations– Advisor:  Mrs. Deb McGuire

Goal of Organization:  To have students develop a better understanding of international relations and assist them in analyzing information as a delegate from another country, not from a personal viewpoint.

Multi-Cultural Club– Advisor: Mrs. Shar Retzlaff

Goal of Organization: Multicultural Club is a fun and active group that works toward building an environment in which cultural diversity is highly valued, differences are respected and people from differing backgrounds can build close relationships. Our mission is to develop cultural awareness, understanding and a sense of belonging among FHS students and in our community. Everyone is welcome!

National Honor Society– Advisor: Mr. Kevin Nettesheim

Goal of Organization:  To recognize academic excellence, foster community service and leadership. Students are invited to apply based on a cumulative, un-weighted 3.5 GPA and upon meeting the selection standards, uphold the pillars of Character, Leadership, Scholarship and Service as role models for the school community as well as the community-at-large.

Psychology Club – Advisor: Mr. Brian Karolewicz

The Psychology Club is a student led organization in which students strive to enhance their knowledge of psychology through community based and school wide projects. All students are welcome. Our season runs from October to April.

Saber Slate/Newspaper– Advisor: Mr. Kevin Nettesheim

Goal of Organization: Students work in a 21st century digital environment producing an online newspaper focusing on school, local, national and world events. Articles range from editorials to pop culture surveys to hard news reporting- all presented using the latest digital technology available for an effective online presence.

Sexual and Gender Equality (SAGE) Advisor: Mrs. Karin Adelmann

The Gay-Straight Alliance, at FHS, works to bring together people of different sexual orientations in a safe environment to promote respect, friendship and support.

Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) – Advisor:  Mrs. Diane Gilroy

Goal of Organization:  To provide students the opportunity to participate in activities that promote healthy decision- making and to educate the entire student body about making healthy decisions.

Student Senate– Advisor:  Mrs. Shar Retzlaff

Goal of Organization:  To develop student leadership ambassadors and promote school spirit and student participation in school activities.

Styled Dance – Advisor: Mrs. Amy Cowell

Goal of Organization: To teach the basics of dance to people who want to learn.

Visual Arts Team– Advisor: Mrs. Paula Bausch

The Franklin High school Visual Arts Team is an opportunity for artists to develop and expand many skills that cross curricular lines such as conducting research, working independently and as part of a team, learning to accept constructive criticism, and take risks in solving problems.  We compete in the regional and state-wide Visual Arts Classic competitions in individual and team categories and spend the day immersed in the arts.

Yearbook Advisor:  Mr. Kevin Nettesheim   Students create the school’s “yearbook”.

Fall Activities:

Fall Play – Directors:  Mr. Richard Gould & Mr. Kevin Nettesheim

Goal of Organization: To offer students an opportunity to share their dramatic talents, instill an appreciation for theater; to help students build their confidence levels and self-esteem.

Saber Center Stage Crew (fall play):  Technical Director:  Mr. Steven Krause

Goal of Organization: To offer students an opportunity to help create sets, props and other backstage necessities for a theatrical production.

Chess Team – Advisor:  Mr. Charles Benish

Goal of Organization:  To allow students to learn and develop chess skills in a competitive environment.  Those less interested in competition can join for instruction and practice.


Mock Trial – Advisor:  TBD

Goal of Organization:  The Mock Trial Team is a group of students who are interested in learning more about our legal system by participating in a state-wide competition designed by the Wisconsin State Bar Association.


Spring Activities:

Forensics – Advisors:  Mrs. Catherine Hepworth and Mr. Burton Davis

Goal of Organization:  To offer students an opportunity to share their talents in different speech categories; to help students build their confidence levels and self-esteem.


Spring Musical – Directors:  Mr. Richard Gould, Ms. Amy Cowell, Ms. Allison Umhoefer and Ms. Jamie Schlecht

Goal of Organization: To instill an appreciation of theater in all its aspects and to involve a variety of students in a unique community where they can build confidence in public speaking and performing as well as create accompanying music for the production.


Saber Center Stage Crew (spring musical) – Technical Director:  Mr. Steven Krause

Goal of Organization: To offer students an opportunity to help create sets, props and other backstage necessities for a theatrical production.

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