Valentine’s Day Survival Guide

It is the best of days, it is the worst of days. It is the brightest of days, it is the darkest of days. It is, of course: Valentine’s Day. A day for those in relationships to spend quality time with their “special someone.” For the rest, however, it is a day for all that are single to be put through the tortures of PDA and relentless posting on social media. Whether it be on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, or MySpace, no user is safe from Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t have to be dreary, however. You can use this time to improve yourself, or to just kick back and enjoy your solitary self. In that case, here are some of my tips on how to survive Valentine’s Day: (Note: This is in no way a factual “you-must-do-this-or-you-will-be-unhappy” list, it is all based on what I thought would help people to stay positive during this holiday.)

1) Take a day off of social media. The only thing you’re going to get from social media on Valentine’s Day is the same thing you’ll see through the hallways: Unnecessary PDA (which is to say, any PDA).

2) Go out with some of your single friends. Take a note out of Leslie Knope of Parks and Rec fame’s book and have a Gal-entine’s Day with some of your friends to celebrate your solidarity together.

3) Catch up on MemBean. I know I have to.

4) Read through some of the latest or past articles on the Saber Slate!

5) Buy all of the heart-shaped chocolate-filled boxes for yourself because you deserve them!

6) Going off of #5, enjoy yourself! Do what you want to do because you’re strong and independant and I believe in you!

I understand some people will wish I added/took out some examples, however this is only a short list of the possible ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day alone. It is in no way a must-do, it is all opinion and simple gestures I thought would help people get through this holiday. The only criteria there is for what you do to make the best of V-Day is to make sure whatever you do is constructive and helps you make it through the day while maintaining a positive attitude.

So to all you singles out there who are perfectly happy being just that, and to those of us still wishing somebody would find us somebody to love: raise your metaphorical glasses on February 15th in celebration of surviving another solo Valentine’s Day. After the metaphorical glass is lowered, remember this: you don’t need anybody else to be happy, you are in control of whether or not you’re happy. It’s alright to feel bummed out by Valentine’s Day, you have a right to be. Just don’t let that negativity weigh you down for more than that day. You’ve always got next year and the next year and the year after that, and I believe in you.