Introducing: The Saber Slate Advice Column!

How do you do fellow kids? I’m here to inform you about a brand new form of informational entertainment: The Saber Slate™ Advice Column!
I know you all probably have some questions, but that’s okay! That’s what the Saber Slate™ advice column is all about! I’ll take in a few (appropriate) questions each week and answer them to the best of my ability! You can ask me about any school related topic, and if I think I can answer it, I will!
For those thinking “But A, where do I submit my dozens of questions I want you to answer?”, the answer is simple: Just put them in the comments below! Next week will be the first official post to the Saber Slate™ Advice Column where I will answer all the questions I can that you posted on this article. In an ideal future I’ll post a new article to the Saber Slate™ Advice Column each week, answer the questions from the previous post’s comments, and the cycle will continue each week!
So, do you have any questions for me to answer? Leave them in the comments and I might just answer them next week!