Feeling Hungry During Class?

Starting this year’s advice column off with a problem I think we can all relate to, HungryStudent01 asks: “What are some good foods to bring as a snack to school? I’m always hungry, even after lunch.”
Now, I think this is something we can all relate to. No matter the class, be it english or history, underwater basket weaving or human anatomy, we’ve all heard the obnoxious growl of the starving abdomens of hungry students that either didn’t have nearly enough to eat in the morning or skipped breakfast altogether — those of us with late lunch get it especially bad. You might want to consider packing yourself a full breakfast to eat in first hour so that you don’t get the 3rd hour blues.
If square meals aren’t your thing, here are some small foodstuffs you can easily stash in your backpack for future use:
– Consider cereal/granola bars, they’re great for energy and as a plus, they’re really tasty!
– Fruit snacks are the best thing ever invented, they’re not as filling but they’ve got taste for days!
– If processed foods aren’t for you, you can bring in fruit or something small like a bag of baby carrots to help tide you over until lunch.
That concludes the first edition of the Saber Slate Advice Column, I hope you [HungryStudent01] found it helpful to so be sure to post your questions for next week in the comments below!

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