Why you should get into Computer Programming

Computer Programming is considered by many to be complex, confusing, and complicated. However, programming is one of the main reasons we are able to stay connected today. The works of many famous programmers such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs caused you to be able to read this online article at the Saber Slate, or get off track during class at coolmath-games.com. It’s important that everyone at least understands how computers and websites work.

There’s one path of classes involving computer programming here at Franklin High School, and all three are single-handedly taught by Mr. Missiaen. I have personally taken the Intro course, and I am currently in Year 1 programming. It is pretty easy, if you focus well on the topic, and have a good understanding of math.

If you are interested in taking a programming related course and lack experience, I personally recommend taking the semester-long “Intro to Programming” course. If you’re still interested in it after that, you can take the year-long classes “Computer Programming Year 1” and “Year 2” where you learn more about the “Basic” programming language and more during year two. If you have any questions about these classes, contact me or Mr. Missiaen.