How to Deal With the Aftermath of AP Exams

Originally Published April 30th, 2014 by Bazinga62 (Okay this one is clearly Euvin)

Well, now that I’ve told you how to prepare for AP exams, it’s only natural that you’ll also want some advice for how to deal with it when you fail miserably.

And trust me, some of you will.

When you get a score on an AP test that makes you want to bury your head in your hands, never to resurface to the light of day again, you’re probably reacting quite logically. After all, after spending so many hours in preparation for something, if you still failed, it’s more than understandable why you would detest existence. You just best simply weren’t good enough. Deal with it.

Seriously, just chill. It’s really not that big of a deal. The positive side of AP tests is that your scores don’t affect your GPA. So what if you just wasted nearly a hundred dollars and weren’t able to receive college credit for some thing you’ve invested countless hours in? That’s life. Like it or not, this kind of thing is going to happen to you A LOT. You can sit there, separating yourself from society with a curtain of more than obvious (and pitiful) shame, or you can work with what you’ve still got and make the best of it?

You’ve still got next year (unless you’re a senior), and hey, it’s almost summer. For those of you whose classes are mostly APs, congratulations: YOU’RE PRACTICALLY DONE WITH SCHOOL FOR THE YEAR. Lighten up a little. What’s done is done.