The FHS 2017 Marching Band Show: Together Forever

It’s that time of the year again, the rain is falling, the musical is performing, and the FHS Marching Band has chosen their show for next season. Their show will be Together Forever, A Story of Love, Loss, and Loyalty. The band is very excited for this show, as many of the students are big fans of some of the songs included in this 80’s style show, and the band’s director, Mrs. Allison Umhoefer, is one particular fan. 

Their show, Together Forever, is a melodic story about a young boy that finds love in the strangest places, and learns loyalty through his struggles to keep his love true to him. Their well awaited marching show includes some of the most famous songs from the 80’s, including Rick Astley’s Together Forever, which was the main inspiration for the show, and George Michael’s Careless Whisper. These beautiful melodies and many more were chosen to convey a message of love, loss, and the ability to learn from your mistakes as you grow older.

I recently had the chance to interview Mrs. Umhoefer on the subject of the new show, and she expressed much emotion when discussing the subject.

“What is one sentence that summarizes the spirit of the show?”

“That’s a tough question, I would have to say my one sentence would be: This is a show that embodies the spirit of loyalty and the magic of the 80’s.

“Anything you’d like to say to the press about the band’s upcoming marching show?”

“Just that the rest of the marching band and I are excited to show it to you in this upcoming year!”

You can listen to the show right now using this link to hear the show before the marching season even starts: FHS 2017 Marching Show.

We here at the Saber Slate are excited to post more about the band’s upcoming season, such as their first performance on June 31st at the Milwaukee Bradley Center, and their Big Battle of the Bands competition on August 32nd at Miller Park. 

Keep reading the Saber Slate for more updates on the FHS Marching Band’s season!

Disclaimer: This article is a demonstration of the writing style of satire, and is not to be taken seriously. If you are interested in learning more about the band’s real marching show, click here to listen to their real upcoming show, Mad’s World.

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