2017 Creating Music Concert!

Music. It is one of the few things that bring us as a species together. No matter what genre, people from all over the world enjoy it, and it is the common thread of all communities worldwide. But without those that write the music, without the tutors of tunes, without the rhythmic re-inventors, music would all be the same. That is why classes like creating music help to bring a new generation of songwriters into existence.

On Tuesday the 10th, I had the opportunity to attend the Creating Music class’ annual concert, which was truly a sight to behold. The stage was set, with a variety of instruments laid out across it, with a few unconventional looking ones in a circle near the front of the stage. When Mr. Hull, the instructor of the creating music class, came on stage, the lights dimmed as he explained the schedule of the night.

It started with a demonstration of some of the different improvisation games in which the students had to create their own instrument (hence the unconventional instruments on the stage) and gathered around in a circle and passed a rhythm throughout the group. Another improvisation technique they showed off was when one of the students went into the center of the circle, and directed which instruments to play and how they should play. These demonstrations were but a glimpse at what the students had been doing in their class for the past semester, as after the improvisation games came the works of all of the students. Some were a soloist playing a somber tune, while others, such as the work from the Saber Slate’s very own Aaron Stengel, were larger groups of 3 to 4 people performing their piece. 

From simple songs to modern Mozart’s, there was always something new and different from each performance. Some of the songwriters also performed their piece, while others had enlisted the help of their fellow classmates or even the peak performance level of their instructor, Mr. Hull. Every performer played well, though the person performing it was only a vessel for these students to show what they have been working on all year so far, and to show how they have improved since day one of writing their music.

Though the concert only lasted about 45 minutes, it was a solid 45 minutes of wonderful music and the demonstration of a lot of talent from both the songwriters and the performers alike. Seeing how this is my second year in a row reviewing the class’ concert, I look forward to reviewing it again for next year and the year after next, and I look forward to seeing the talent from all of the students that take that class in the future.

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