How to Survive Exam Week


The week we have been dreading is almost here!  You have two goals to achieve during exam week.

1. Do well on your final exams, projects, and tests, and 2. Keep your stress to a minimum. Here is your guide to on how to survive exam week and get those A’s.

  1. Organize before exams
    1. Make sure you know the exam schedule for the week, which can be found here.
    2. Know what classes you have exams in, projects or tests and know the days you will have the classes on.
    3. Make lists of everything you need to do during finals week, make checklists of what you need to accomplish each day or make a schedule that fits in your studying and activities like sports or work. Prioritize what’s actually important.  
    4. Double check your notes and make sure you have everything you will need to study. Ask a friend if you can see their notes of a class period you missed when you were absent.
    5. Ask your teachers for extra help and if they have any additional worksheets or notes to help you study. Take advantage of Gold Block, Saber Tutoring Center, or any after school study sessions!
    6. Finish your assignments or projects for your classes first to have an earlier start of studying for those final exams.
    7. Don’t procrastinate. Take your time finishing your projects, make sure it is your best work and finish earlier rather than last minute, after all, this should be your easy A.
  2. Effectively study for final exams and tests
    1. Avoid studying an entire semester in one night. Try to study in small, short sessions within a few days rather than a 2 hour cram the night before the exam. Your brain is much better at retaining information this way and you will feel more comfortable with the material.
    2. Study an area you will be productive like the library and make sure you have all of your textbooks, notebooks, and review sheets you will need. Avoiding studying on your bed, it’s comfy and you might be tempted to fall asleep.
    3. Get rid of all your distractions. Log out of twitter, send the “streaks” on Snapchat, set your phone on silent or turn it off.
    4. Instead of listening to pop, country, rock, or whatever music is on your phone, try listening to classical music when studying. It is scientifically proven that classical music is beneficial when studying because it helps your brain concentrate, focus, and relax more as it provokes a change in the learning environment. (I HIGHLY recommend Mozart, Bach or Beethoven)
    5. Make good old-fashioned flash cards or make an account on Quizlet and make study sets there. There is also a Quizlet app that you can download to access and study on your phone. But if you prefer legit flashcards and don’t have the time to make 100 flashcards of vocab and other information, there are many websites online, including Quizlet, where you can make flash cards, print them out and cut them.
    6. When studying, make sure to take frequent 5-10 minute breaks.
    7. Read chapters of your textbook and write summaries or outlines for each chapter.
    8. Try making acronyms to help you memorize.
    9. Find reviews, watch youtube videos, go on the teacher’s google site and access other resources online to help you study. Crash Course is great!  
    10. When studying, try to learn and study information as if you were going to teach it to someone. This is really helpful because the brain will organize information in a more logical manner.
    11. Study with friends! Make study groups to help one another.
    12. Make lists of questions and write down anything you still don’t understand. Take advantage of the exam review time.
  3. Other tips:
    1. Avoid pulling all-nighters! Getting enough sleep is crucial and you will retain information better if you get at least 7 hours of sleep.
    2. Don’t skip breakfast! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it’s important to eat a breakfast high in fiber. If you skip a meal you will lose energy, and if you lose energy you lose focus.
    3. Don’t stress it! Being too stressed is not healthy for your mind. Relax yourself this week and make sure to get some “you time” this week. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated! Do your favorite activity whether it’s exercising, reading, watching Netflix or power nap.
    4. Coffee is great and so is Nyquil.

A bad exam grade will not define you. I hope these tips helped and good luck to all!

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