Hollywood Talent Show 2016

The fantastically entertaining 2016 Hollywood Talent Show took place Thursday, December 1st. The show this year was hosted by Hayden Herrick, Jaylin Flores, and former FHS student Malik Flores. The Hollywood Talent Show, as always, was judged by experienced musicians and performers. Judges included Jake Gobel, Jessica Berg, and Nick Grider, who had a tough job choosing from numerous outstanding acts.

Among the different types of talents were singing, juggling, dancing, and comedy performance. Singing and dancing were by far the most popular to be performed. There were stand alone singers, such as Morgan Haefer singing and playing River of Tears. Besides soloists there were duets, one being Jessica Jewell and Vy Pham singing and playing That Should Be Me Under the Mistletoe. Val Halbur, Ashlyn Thome, Alicia Hernandez, Gina Bevilaqua, Kiah Corey, and Stacylyn Polewczynski sang and danced a brilliant performance of Cell Block Tango from the musical Chicago. Dancing also included popping and locking, by performers such as Txoov Xiong dancing to Samuri and Bailey Strasser dancing to Ritual.

Some uniques talents came from juggler Devin Wiemann performing to Overwerk, and comedian Ead Tabara performing math jokes. Juggler Devin Wiemann kept the crowd enthralled, juggling different balls in varying patterns. A few dropped balls didn’t take away from the amazing act. Comedian Ead Tabara also elevated the show with singular math jokes and puns. The delivery showed a sure sine of talent and never failed to make the audience laugh. Overall, the new talents made the show all the more entertaining.

In the end, only three talented students could win. While the judges made their decisions showcases were performed by Mr. Carini and Ms. Schecht singing to Play Crack the Sky, and the FHS Show Choir singing and dancing to American Idiot. When the judges returned, Devin Wiemann won third place with his amazing juggling. Next, in second place was Txoov Xiong with his riveting dancing. And in first place was Morgan Haefer with her stunning singing of River of Tears.

All performers gave amazing performances and include Abyaz Abrar singing A Drop in the Ocean, Jasmine Lyon and Eric Sweeney singing Can’t Help Falling in Love With You, Devin Wiemann performing to Overwerk, Morgan Haefer singing River of Tears, Alaina Kamalian singing I’m Yours, Bailey Strasser dancing to Ritual, Alexis Cimoch singing When We Were Young, Nina Ignatowski dancing to I Found a Boy, Val Halbur; Ashlyn Thome; Alicia Hernandez; Gina Bevilaqua; Kiah Corey; and Stacylyn Polewczynski performing Cell Block Tango from Chicago, Ead Tabara performing an original comedy routine, Txoov Xiong dancing to Samuri, Ayanna Blockton singing Halo, Jessica Jewell and Vy Pham singing That Should Be Me Under the Mistletoe, Parker Rehm and Emma Brockman singing Lucky.

Proceeds from the Hollywood Talent Show go to fund a trip to Hollywood, CA for TV students. The Talent Show was produced by Advanced TV Students. Special thanks goes to Mr. Krause and the Stage Crew for making this amazing show possible.

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