Christmas: Is it Coming too Early?

Halloween is over, and it is now the awkward time between Halloween and Thanksgiving where society splits into 2 groups– Those who are ready for Christmas and those who don’t want to even hear the word Christmas until after Thanksgiving. Whether you put up your tree the day after Halloween or are a classic “Grinch”, ┬áthere’s no denying it– Christmas is quickly approaching.

Stores are jumping on the Christmas marketing train with Santa themed car commercials and slapping assorted holiday items onto the fronts of cereal boxes. Pumpkin spice is gone, replaced with peppermint and gingerbread, and Starbucks has officially changed its classic cup to the 2016 holiday design. But is it happening too early?

The quick answer is this: Kinda. While it can be a bit annoying to hear Christmas carols while shopping for clothes in October and having every department store lit up like, well, a Christmas tree, businesses are just using Christmas for marketing. Many people see Christmas as a relaxing time to spend time with family and friends, so businesses use the positive emotions that come from Christmas to market their products. In all honesty, the businesses are just trying to make some money, and while exploiting emotions isn’t the best way to do so, it can be understood.

On the other hand, the day after Halloween is a bit early to break out the Christmas tree and peppermint bark if you’re not a huge fan of Christmas. Many people seem to love Christmas, which is warranted, but it can get a bit tiring hearing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer for the 15th time. While the universal compromise used to be Thanksgiving, Christmas seems to be pushed onto store shelves earlier and earlier.

Really, it’s a personal decision based on your tolerance for all things jolly and your own personal love of Christmas. Which side are you on? Do you break out the lights as soon as November hits, or are you a bit more patient with your decorating? Either way, Thanksgiving will be over soon, so brace yourselves for the coming holiday season.


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