Foreign Exchange Students!

The expected foreign exchange students from Japan have finally arrived!

The 10 7th grade and 10 9th grade students from Niihama Japan arrived in the USA at 2:30 on Sunday. They will be staying until Monday, November 8th, and will be spending a lot of their time following their host student around FHS to see what the life of an American teenager is like.

Only being at school throughout their trip would be kind of boring, though, so the exchange students will also be participating in other activities. On Tuesday, the exchange students and their hosts will be taking a field trip to Miller Park to have lunch and take a tour. They will also be visiting the Milwaukee Public Museum later that day.

On Sunday, the last full day of their stay, the exchange students would also be performing at the 2016 Japanfest at FHS, followed by a goodbye pizza party with their hosts at Stonefire Pizza.

If you see new faces around FHS this week, don’t be surprised!

If you have any more questions about the exchange students (Such as how to be a host in the future), contact Mr. Kania.

Special thanks to Mr. Kania for providing the information in this article

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  • November 1, 2016 at 7:12 PM

    Hey Cara, nice article! Finally get to know why the foreign exchange students are here 🙂 Btw I thought you were doing an actual interview, although this article is still very descriptive.

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