The Principal’s Cabinet

You may have occasionally heard the name of this new FHS student organization since school started. The name seems to be shrouded in mystery, and its only members seem to be upperclassmen.

What is this mysterious club?

The Principal’s Cabinet is an organization formed by a small group of juniors last year (seniors, this year) and the principal. Its creation was spurred on by the outrage and controversy that erupted across the student body when the resource change was announced last year. Since then, juniors and seniors were surveyed for interest and a group was chosen to be a part of the Cabinet. Its main goal is to accomplish something that FHS students longed for so deeply last year: a comprehensive relationship between the student body and administration.

The Principal’s Cabinet is split up into four subcommittees: the We committee, the Media committee, the Student-Staff Relations committee, and the Saber Pride committee. The We committee’s role is to hear the concerns/needs of the student body, relay them to the administration, and implement them. Other than that, most of the other subcommittees are relatively self-explanatory and have many varying responsibilities. In the next couple of months, contact any of the four subcommittee chairs: Marjorie HannemanĀ of the We Committee, Joseph Rathkamp of the Media Committee, Alexis Zello of the Student-Staff Relations committee, and Catherine Gundrum of the Saber Pride Committee, if you have any suggestions, questions, or concerns.

Although the organization is in its early stages, hopefully, it will help FHS become a stronger, healthier, and more happy place to be in the future.

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