Mock What???

Have you ever asked, “what is mock trial”? Well, here is your answer.

Mock trial is one of the many fantastic extracurricular activities at Franklin High School. Basically, students model a fake, or “mock,” trial. Once this mock trial is created students compete 2-3 times a year, meeting and practicing weekly. The team consists of 12 roles, consisting of 6 lawyers and 6 witnesses. There are 12 roles, but students can double up.

At competitions students battle it out in a trial. Students must be quick on their feet, adjusting and improvising their line of questioning. Additionally, students must follow proper courtroom procedure. One side of the school team, plaintiff or defense, competes against the other school’s one side. There are usually 3-4 rounds. While part of the team is at work, the other members of the team have fun talking with students from other schools and playing games.

The mock trial competition season runs to February or March. The regional competition takes place in February, and if the team doesn’t win the season ends. If the team does win at the regional competition, the state competition takes place in March and is the last meet for the year.

Weekly meetings take place in Mr. Kania’s room, A111. The team is led by Mr. Kania and attorney coach Mr. Frankowiack. All students are welcome to join.

Mock trial is interesting because it allows people to experience a potential career while having fun. Everyone is positive, dedicated, and motivated.” -Keila LaBelle

Special thanks to Keila LaBelle and the mock trial team.


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