Homecoming Week: A Summary

Homecoming is officially over (Unfortunately), but the events that occurred last week deserve some recognition. Luckily, The Saber Slate will help you jog your memory with this Homecoming Week in Review.


Monday was the kickoff to Spirit week and introduced color day, where you dressed in a certain color based on your grade (Freshman had gold, Sophomores silver, etc.). This day has very high participation overall and got people excited for the rest of the week’s events.


Tuesday was Disney/Costume day, and there was a lot of creativity. Many donned the iconic Mickey Mouse ears, some dressed up as Disney Princesses, and there was even an inflatable dinosaur costume (Yes, it happened and it was as amazing as it sounds). Costumes seemed to be lots of fun, and Tuesday was the 2nd highest rated day on The Saber Slate’s most enjoyable spirit day poll from last week.


Sticking to this year’s Homecoming theme of The Roaring 20’s, Wednesday was Roaring 20’s day (For obvious reasons). While there wasn’t as much participation compared to the first two days, there were plenty of pearls, feather boas, and full-on mobster outfits (With pinned striped suits and fedoras) to make Wednesday memorable.


Thursday was genre day, where students dressed up as musicians from certain genres based on their grade level. This one was a bit more complicated (Seriously, how do you dress up for Jazz?), but some of the results were amazing. Seniors had the country theme down with cowboy hats, flannel, and boots, and a few Freshman carried around real saxophones with them for the whole day to be Jazzy (How they did anything at all that day is questionable).


While the other days were enjoyable in their own right, Friday had to have been the most spirited day of all. The theme was black and gold, which had the most participation out of all the days and was rated the most enjoyable to participate in on The Saber Slate poll from last week. What really made Friday stand out, however, was the Pep Rally, complete with Cheers, a great Poms routine, real life Hungry Hungry Hippos, and Student vs. Teacher mini bicycle racing? (It’s as weird and hilarious as it sounds). The Seniors were awarded the Spirit stick for winning the Student competitions and having extremely loud cheers, so kudos to them. The Saber Football team also won the Homecoming game Friday night, which left everyone in high spirits.

Overall, this year’s Homecoming Week did not disappoint in the slightest, but with Homecoming over, it’s time to return to regular life at FHS. More Spirit weeks are sure to come in the future.




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