Keep Calm and Stop Bullying

Did you know October is Bullying Prevention Month?  Franklin Youth Initiative (FYI) is a new school group focused on healthy lifestyles in our school and community, and this month, our focus is on bullying. On Tuesday, October 11th, FYI is hosting a presentation about bullying and its prevalence in our school.  We will have games and prizes.


According to the 2013 Youth Risk Behavior Survey, 30.3% of 9th graders said that they were bullied but only 6.9% reported telling someone they were bullied at school. This survey suggests that not many students report bullies because they are afraid that the bully is going to come after them. They don’t want to be the target, and this is the percentage that we are trying to lower. We want students to feel safe and use our district’s bullying report form if necessary. If we start by teaching all students about bullying and how it can affect others, we hope that students will be more aware of bullying and maybe prevent bullying all together. In the same 2013 Youth Risk Survey, 25.3% of 9th grade students and 31.1% 11th grade students said that they were electronically bullied, which is even more alarming. This is another reason that we should show this presentation to the students and reinforce that no form of bullying is okay. We also want to reinforce that telling an adult or someone that you trust is never wrong.

Join us on Tuesday, October 11th in the Saber Success Lab during Gold Block to stomp out bullying.  All students must RSVP to attend.  Email or click here to sign up.  
Remember to wear a blue shirt for a chance to win a prize during the presentation!

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