Our Beloved Resource

A couple of weeks ago, the FHS administration announced that next year, resource would be moved from the beginning of the day to the middle of the day. After studying trends in student attendance, behavior, and engagement information, administration identified key reasons for bringing in the change. Because the first 45 minutes of school is given to students as a study hall, the resource period accounts for a high number of tardies, unexcused absences, and referrals. Although it makes up only 9% of our day, it accounts for nearly 45% of all disciplinary referrals. Research also pointed to midday breaks as allowing students to more effectively build relationships with teachers. This would also allow students to reenergize for the second half of the school day.

Until recently, many students were apprehensive about this change. Soon after the change was announced, a group of students got together and created a document where they laid out all the potential pros and cons of the change in order to produce stronger student opinion–whether that be positive or negative–on the topic.

Some of the potential cons students considered included:

Could affect grades in first and second hour classes.

Students will be tired and slow during first hour now instead of resource, missing out on valuable class time.

-Will take away late start privileges


Despite the list of cons, many students pointed out that the change could indeed have many positive effects:

Learning break for kids in hard classes.

Students would still be able to go to their teachers while they still remember exactly what they were having difficulty with.

We get out earlier on Thursdays and Fridays

More awareness of the potential benefit that this change will bring has led to more widespread acceptance of it. With the positive effects that next year’s midday resource will bring, together, let’s all build a stronger and more engaged school community.


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