Farewell FHS

Dear Saber Slate Readers,

The time has come for the Saber Slate’s (3rd annual) Letter from the Editor. Football season turned into snowy sidewalks then to Spring Break and AP testing and now before you know it, it’s graduation.

The 2015-2016 school year has been a momentous one for the Saber Slate. We changed our layout at the beginning of the year, went from bricks to no bricks and then back to bricks again. The infamous “hot dog” article was published this year and we gained many new faces to our team. I hope that in future years the Saber Slate can continue to be an outlet for student voice and for entertainment (with administration approval of course) . If you ever are interested in writing something to be published, joining the club, or have any sort of feedback you are more than welcome to contact us at fhsnewspaper62@gmail.com.

This year was also Senior year for the FHS Class of 2016. To the rest of ‘16 , I wish you all luck in your future endeavors. Our Valedictorian is going to Harvard, so many individuals in our class have broken records both athletic and academic and many have received scholarships to play a sport in college because of it. The achievements by our class already are numerous and impressive. Let’s make the FHS Class of 2016 the best one Franklin has ever seen, it’s up to us. No matter what, always stay humble and kind and keep reaching for the stars. 

And as my previous 2 predecessors have done, here is some advice to underclassmen from a soon to be high school graduate.

-Change is okay: Celebrate the fact that you will not be the same person coming out of high school that you were coming in. It’s okay to switch your sport or change all of your extracurriculars. It’s okay to change what major you’re striving for, it’s okay to not know what you want to do. Your best friend Freshman year might not be your best friend Senior year. Things change but that’s what keeps life new and exciting.

-Every decision you make has a greater impact: Throughout high school you will have to make a lot of tough decisions. It’s important to understand the weight of each choice and how it will impact you in the future. Whether these choices are choosing classes, choosing extracurriculars or choosing a college, they will all impact you in some way. Make sure the choices you make lead you to the life you want (aka make smart decisions people).

-Don’t take yourself too seriously: In the end, high school provides you with 4 pretty darn good years of your life. Although good grades, strong test scores and extracurricular involvement are important to your future, remember to take time to enjoy all of the other things high school has to offer. Sometimes you just have to go with your friends to McDonalds at 10 on a school night. Don’t let stress take over your life, remember to live a little.

Okay cliche advice aside, I encourage all of you to make your own opportunities, take chances, and soak up every single moment of high school. After all, you’re only young once. 


Chrissy Ramakrishnan (Class of 2016)

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