Why you should get to know a senior before they graduate

With the end of the year so close (yet so far!), and school building towards finals week, it can become easy to get wrapped up in school, summer and nothing else. But it’s important to remember that an integral part of school is getting to know and building relationships with the people around us. And at the end of this year, a whole class of amazing, smart, knowledgeable, talented people are leaving our school and will NEVER. COME BACK. AGAIN. (unless they’re repeating their senior year or they’re visiting… but that’s not the point). The point is—and this for freshmen and sophomores, especially—try to spend some part of your next few weeks of school getting to know a senior.

Here’re a few reasons why you should:

  1. Experience

Okay, sure, this is the most obvious one, but let’s face it: seniors probably know a lot more than you do about high school, college, stress and people (especially if you’re a freshman). During these final weeks of school, getting to know and talking to them about school and life can be a great experience. It’s not that your regular friends aren’t great—it’s that sometimes, interacting with older kids who have a different perspective than you can be a great, eye-opening experience. Ask them about their experience with FHS, friends, adversaries, AP classes, the ACT, etc. It’ll help lift your mind and think more forward about your future rather than wallowing over the present.

2. They’re chiller than you

Let’s be honest—they’re probably a lot more laid back than you are. They’re done with high school, and unless they fail a class or two, finals week isn’t really on their minds. They’re ready to go off and live their life and you, my fellow underclassman, are a peasant. Still, peasants can benefit from basking in the presence of their noble counterparts, and by spending a little time with seniors, maybe your mind can be put at ease about what’s ahead—whether than be in a week or a year.

3. College and Beyond

Okay so I sort of mentioned this one before, but hear me out. Whether college is a part of your prospective future or not, making friends with a senior can set yourself up for future connections when you’re trying to secure a job or opportunity—especially if you keep in touch. These connections can also really help while you’re in college; a ton of new people, opportunities, and responsibilities calls for lots of advice from people who have done it before you. Knowing a few seniors pretty well from high school can only do you well in the future.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there! (Hurry, cause you don’t have that much time left) 😉

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