The Student Uproar 2/5-4/18

Singh, Diya Schindel Diya is a very excited student in AP Physics, he works very hard and comes in often for resource to get help and extra practice. His hard work and enthusiasm is appreciated and will be important skills as goes out into the workforce.
Hutchinson, Noah Schindel Noah was absent and has done a great job making up his work as well as recognizing that his groups project needed more time and so he came in on Friday without being required to work on his project.
Maternowski, Jacob Krysiak, Aaron Jacob has been a wonderful student all year long and has been a great resource and mentor for a classmate.
Li, Ivy Schindel Ivy came in extra to add an artistic flair to her groups Physics project. She is a bright young woman and adding her personal artistic passion to her physics project shows her saber pride strive for excellence!
Folk, Nicole Snead, Tracy Nicole has made a great effort to finish off her senior year strong. She has been respectful, responsible and engaged in her classes. Keep up the good work Nicole.
Pocaro, Mikey Snead, Tracy Mikey has really turned his work habits around through demonstrating hard work. He has been engaged more and working towards getting work done. Way to go Mikey.
Werdeniuk, Ruby Keyes, Meghan Ruby has shown strong positive behavioral traits in my classroom and as a student aide working with students with disabilities. Ruby is kind, caring, and always willing to help others – without being asked! Ruby has shown a strong commitment to her school work and is motivated to get done what she needs to in order to graduate in June. Ruby is a role model for other students, which is wonderful to see!
Hall, Colt Gehrke, Susan I have been privileged to have Colt in my class for the last 3 years. He is a true gentleman is always very respectful and willing to help out teachers and students alike. Colt always puts forth his best effort which has led to outstanding academic achievement in my class!
Jones DJ Within our classroom, DJ has integrity and curiosity. He pays a great deal of respect toward his peers, willing to listen, hear, and help others. He is always asking the next question, anticipating the next level of learning. He is an immense joy to guide in his learning.
Davis, Nick Ruzicka, Pedro Nick is outstanding in class. He is always prepared, hard working, and highly engaged. He pushes himself and others to discuss, argue, debate, fix, and refine. Nick is THE MAN.
Emma Jardas Being an awesome leader for the Psychology Club and facilitating the planning for the 1st ever YEF forum at Franklin High School. You rock-
Karow, Jenel Blanton, Crystal Jenel has worked hard during resource, after school, and in class to improve her math ACT score leading up to the March 1st test. Her score increased 5 points from our first practice to our last practice. She should be commended for working to improve her score!
Krause, Faith Blanton, Crystal Faith has put in the extra effort to improve her math ACT score leading up to the March 1st test. Her score increased 5 points from our first practice to our last practice. She demonstrated an excellent work ethic and took responsibility for her own learning. She should be commended for working to improve her score!
Karbouski, Akeera Blanton, Crystal Akeera has put in the extra effort to improve her math ACT score leading up to the March 1st test by attending after school prep sessions as well as asking me for extra help. Her score has really increasing from our first practice test to our last practice test so much that she earned above benchmark in mathematics. She should be commended for her hard work!
Goodman, Makayla Blanton, Crystal Makayla has taken initiative to spend time after school preparing for the Math ACT on March 1. She improve her score from our first to last practice test and met benchmark in Math! Her efforts should be commended!
Fayaad, Leena Karolewicz, Brian Awesome World History student. A great writer whose talents were on display at Psychology Night. We appreciate your willingness to share.
Doyle, Justin Karolewicz, Brian Great start to the 2nd semester in World History. Keep up the good work.
Bielinski, Jared Carini, Mike Jared is an outstanding student and definitely a pleasure to have in class. He is ALWAYS on task and consistently making eye contact with me during lessons. His homework is completed every class and he works very well with others in class. Jared adds a dynamic to our class that is irreplaceable.
DJ Jones Retzlaff Shar DJ’s work ethic has been consistent throughout the year in English. He’s thoughtful, and helpful to other students, and is asks questions to assist in his understanding of complex material. He’s a joy of a student!
Klug, Tyler DeClark, Gail Tyler has been in video production for 4 year and has been my ‘go-to-guy’ for the last two years. He has the ability to get it all done under pressure. His steady, upbeat approach to every job he is given results in great work. He has a bright future and I’ll be sad to see him go!
Jahnke Brandon Brandon has improved in taking initiative. He also has made great strides in increasing his endurance on the job. He is such a hard worker and has shown such maturity in Life Skills class. I nominate Brandon for his awesome effort at the work setting in the community and the classroom.
Henning, Tina Blanton Tina showed great responsibility as she prepared for our last summative exam. She took ownership of her own learning when she worked on homework and review problems and then took the initiative to come in after school the day before the assessment knowing what questions she needed to ask be successful. Her work ethic paid off and she did excellent on the assessment!
Ulatowski, Luke Karolewicz, Brian Great TWW student. Started strong and staying strong-
McGoldrick, Reilly Karolewicz, Brian Great TWW student, started strong and staying strong
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