2016 Prom Court

Your 2016 Prom Court is (in alphabetical order):

Amy Asimi                                           Zachary Brubaker

Quinn Bachofen                                  Kathan Desai

Alexis Cimoch                                    Austin Geiger

Sophia Gumina                                 Hayden Herrick

Hattie Harmeyer                              Nicholas Kafkas

Megan Lee                                         Daniel Mahan

Grace Osgood                                   Lukas Migliano

Samantha Poweleit                         Charles Rydeski

Elizabeth Rilling                                 Caleb Willert

Alexis Zello                                         Hawk Wimmer

One thought on “2016 Prom Court

  • April 29, 2016 at 10:31 AM

    Owstin and Churlie from Prom King!


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