Not enough trees? Let’s build ‘em!

Deforestation is a major issue in our world today. Areas the size of small countries disappear each day  due to agriculture, logging, wildfires, urbanization and more. Whatever the cause, it is clear that deforestation is a growing issue.

The effects of deforestation are even more relevant. Forests are the homes for many of the world’s creatures. In fact, seventy percent of earth’s creatures live in forests (Deforestation). Additionally, deforestation contributes to climate change . Trees are vital to maintaining ground temperature and moisture, and absorb greenhouse gases.

Now, you may be asking how this problem can be fixed. The solution? Robot trees. If we can’t maintain the imperfection of the natural world then why not build the perfect world? Scientists have begun to develop new robot trees that can perform some of the important functions of natural trees. These trees can absorb thousands of tons of carbon dioxide per year. Goodbye global warming.

These new trees may not look much like natural trees, but who cares? A twinkling, shiny thing is much more appealing than some dull, brown tree. Natural trees make homes for annoying twittering birds and creepy crawly bugs. Who needs the verdant, picturesque landscapes of nature when we have technology? Nobody.

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Disclaimer: This article is part of the Saber Slate’s Satire Series and should not be taken as fact or reality. The issues that these articles are based off of are, however, relevant. We invite you to contemplate issues in society and how satire and the media can explain them.

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