The Awesome Forensicators

Now over the past few months, we have all come into school Monday morning, sat in our first hour classes, and heard the proud declaration, “Congratulations to the FHS Forensics team for a successful tournament this past weekend!” and then a long list of names, grades, awards, and categories. Yes, this list is long and somewhat awkward to sit through, but it demonstrates something of MUCH greater importance.

This season has been the best season in our Forensics Team’s history. Why? Well the main reason this success should be attributed to is how big the team has gotten. Until this year, the team has stayed relatively small, this year the team has over 50 members.

With a weekly Tuesday meeting and individual practices with the coach at least once each week, the Forensics team has been able to consistently place in the top 5 schools at every tournament it’s been to this season. They’ve also consistently had nearly 40-50% of the team power (go to finals) each tournament and more 1sts, 2nds, and 3rds this year than ever before. With state on the last Saturday before spring break ended, the entire team had been working their butt off and 10 competitors got into semifinals! From there, 2 got into finals and both won 5th place.  The entire team placed 8th in division 1.

With so many new people on the team, I wanted ask them why they joined and how they felt about it now. Nuriyah Rasool, a senior, joined Forensics for the first time this year and has been achieving a lot of success; she has powered nearly every time and placed first twice throughout the entire season.

“I heard Forensics from a senior last year (Sienna) and initially thought, ‘That is sort of weird but I like to present in class so I might consider it next year.’ At the beginning of the year when I first joined Forensics, I wasn’t epecting a whole lot of interest from my side because I didn’t think I would like it. I later realized that Forensics taught me more about writing and speaking that any of my other classes, especially English. From then on, I invested a lot of time into this activity.”

This year was Sophomore Jack Lehtinen’s first year in forensics, as well and has also been doing really well this year–powering nearly every tournament and has been consistently placing throughout the season.

“College and future careers normally involve some form of speaking or human interaction–joining Forensics was a way for me to practice this. Before, I was nervous about the meets and the amount of time it takes up. But now I look forward to each meet and spending time with awesome people.”

Since last year, existing members started to become more active in sharing their love for the activity and telling people to join. Many heard about the club, became aware that it wasn’t of the scientific variety, and joined to help bloster their speaking abilities. Despite the growth, the Forensics team hopes to increase its number of members next year and continue to improve Franklin’s position so that some day, they could be in the top 5 or 3 at state.

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