A Mock Trial Explanation and 2015-2016 Results

Mock Trial is probably the smallest extra-curricular activity at the Franklin High School. Not only is it barely even known about or talked about, but the largest amount of people that can participate is 12 students. The following is a short summary of the workings of Mock Trial.

In Mock Trial students are given a trial, and each student has to pick a role. 6 students are attorneys, with 3 on plaintiff, and 3 on defense. 6 students are witnesses, again with 3 on each side. Then, the attorneys each take a witness and write questions to ask them on direct – questions for their own side to support their side’s stance – and cross examination – questions for the other side to support their side’s stance. Then, the attorneys and witnesses work together to make their side look as best they legally can to get the best possible scores from judges in the multiple scrimmages throughout the year and the regional competition. In the competitions, the 6 students on each side go through a complete trial against 6 students from a team from another school. Teams are not scored based on who would win the trial legally, but on a 1-10 scale for the presentation and formality of each student. If a team wins all 4 of the trials at regionals, they go on to state, and if they get first there, they go on to nationals.

Now that I have finished that “short” summary, here are the results of the Mock Trial team this year. After not getting first at any of the scrimmages, the Mock Trial team got first place in the Racine regionals and made it to state with the help of Mr. Kania. At the state competition, they lost their first two trials on plaintiff, but then won both of their last two trials on defense. They ended up getting 9th place out of the 16 teams that made it to state, which is the best they have ever gotten at state throughout the entire time there was a Mock Trial team in Franklin.

2015-2016 Franklin High School Mock Trial Team

  • Aaron Stengel
  • Allison Frey
  • Anvitha Chowdary
  • Emily Koetting
  • Ishma Rizvi
  • Julia Mutranowski
  • Katie Harris
  • Keila Labelle
  • Trisha Moore
  • Walter Wooley (Who was called the “Kanye West of Franklin” by other teams)
  • Zach Brubaker
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