Question of the Week: Prom Theme

Prom. The best night of every teenager’s life, supposedly. So much gets put into getting ready for prom: time, effort, and money. However, all this energy is well spent, when the big day comes. Maybe you won’t have that big puffy dress you wanted to wear, and your limo is black, not pink, but I can guarantee you, prom will be a blast either way. One major factor that contributes to the happiness of the night is the theme! This year’s prom theme is Midnight in Paris, so I asked fellow peers what they thought of it:

Anonymous: “Does anyone ever actually follow that? I feel really bad for the people who don’t have dates, because the theme is really romantic and it just reminds them that they don’t have a life.”

Isabellah von Drasek: “If I were to go to prom, I would feel that the prom theme was very romantic, and something different than themes before. It’d be very nice to see the types of decorations and the atmosphere the committee produces for this theme.”

Margaret Phelps: “It’s romantic, but boring and cliche.”

Brianna Mosley: “[Midnight in Paris] is waaaaaay better than last year’s theme, and I’m super excited to see the decorations.”

Overall, the prom theme has been a big hit, all throughout the grades. Hopefully, those who don’t like the theme will have such a great night at prom that they’ll forget about it! Have fun at prom juniors (and others)! Let us know what you think about this year’s theme in the comments below. 

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  • March 11, 2016 at 10:47 AM

    Can we maybe do a meme-theme for prom this year? I would definitely go then.

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