2016 March Madness Info

Woooooooooooooooooooooooooo! With the NCAA March Madness tournament just around the corner, it’s time for the FHS March Madness tournament.  This year’s March Madness event is very similar to last year’s event with a Three Point Contest, A Slam-Dunk Contest, and the main event, the FHS March Madness Tournament.   If you want to sign up for the Slam-Dunk contest or the 3-Point contest the link to the form is available here.  Remember though, you can only sign up for the Slam-Dunk contest OR the Three Point Contest, not both.  If you want to sign up for the FHS March Madness tournament, the signup form is available here(you need at least 5 players).  There is a girls and a boys division(so no coed teams).  The rules for the tournament are the same as last year, you can only play on one team, all baskets are one point(until final four), and you can only have 2 saber basketball players one the court at one time.  Full tournament rules are available here.  The champion of the boys & girls division play the teacher’s team in front of the whole school during the pep-rally on March 26th.


With addition to the March Madness events, there is also a spirit week. Spirit days are listed below:

Monday(March 22nd): Jersey Day

Tuesday(March 23rd): Return of the Groutfit

Wednesday(March 24th): Pajama Day

Thursday(March 25th): Saberwear / Team Uniforms

Friday (March 26th): Off School


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