Student Spotlight: Carly Graverson

 Carly is currently a senior at FHS.  She is a well-rounded individual with outstanding grades and involvement in many activities including Basketball, Lacrosse, NHS, FBLA, Empowered Women of FHS, Powderpuff, Peer Tutoring, and the Athletics and Activites Council.  In previous years she has participated in Service Club, Distinguished Young Women, Mr. FHS, FCA, volleyball and has made many appearances on the Saber Roar.
Carly will be attending Lewis University this fall to major in biochemistry in pursuit of becoming an orthopedic surgeon.
What is your proudest accomplishment in life?
Carly: “My biggest accomplishment is probably getting the school buzzing with the hot dog question.”
How long have you been playing basketball?
Carly: “I’ve played basketball since 3rd grade at the one and only FHS.”
How do you stay motivated/driven?
Carly: “Knowing that there is somebody out there who wants exactly what you want.  You’ve gotta win.”
What’s your favorite food?
Carly: “BBQ Chicken Pizza”
Favorite book and movie?
Carly: “Favorite book– JD Salinger’s ‘The Catcher in the Rye’
Favorite movie– either Silver Linings Playbook or Birdman.”
Favorite class and why
Carly: “While I actually do enjoy all of my classes, I have to go with AP Calculus.  I like the challenge and I also like getting to have random 4th hour conversations (you know the type) with my classmates and of course Mr. Klemp.”
Any advice for the student body of FHS?
Carly: “Any advice I’d give the student body–that’s tough.  I guess I’d say to enjoy your time in high school.  It’s only as miserable as you make it.  And also to be yourself, unapologetically, all the time.”
Is senioritis real?
Carly: “I’ll tell you how real senioritis is.  Senioritis is so real that instead of sleeping, or at the very least, studying for my AP Gov test tomorrow, I am replying to an email at nearly 11 PM to avoid all responsibilities.  That’s how real senioritis is.”
Basically, if you haven’t already interacted with the one and only Carly Graverson before her time at FHS is up, put it on your bucket list, you won’t regret it.
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