A McDonald’s Review

Do you want the finest food you can find on the market? Do you want food that is cooked lovingly for hours upon end for it to be perfect for you? Do you want food made from the best ingredients? Well, McDonald’s isn’t for you!

Meanwhile, do you want food that was made a couple minutes ago, and currently sitting in a fryer? Do you want food that is over 101% unhealthy? Do you want food that is made using liquid meat and a blender? Well, McDonald’s is the perfect restaurant for you!

At McDonald’s, the food is delicious. As all of their commercials say, “I’m lovin’ it,” which is true due to the very good taste. However, the food isn’t that delicious to some other parts of your body. There is a reason why they don’t say, “My life span is lovin’ it”.

I recently have eaten a lot of McDonald’s for this article. (No, not the amount that Morgan Spurlock did for Super Size Me. I don’t want to gain obesity just for an article.) I ate both some of their older items, and one of their newer items.

To start out, their chicken nuggets have barely changed for about 10 years. The reason? The way they make them is so reliant on manufacturing that they are basically just liquid meat that is breaded. It doesn’t taste like chicken, but at least it isn’t as un-chicken like as their McBites that they offered for a while. If you want to get these, I would recommend getting either Barbecue sauce or Sweet ’n Sour sauce. Barbecue sauce is for when you want a “normal” chicken meal. Get Sweet ’n Sour sauce when you want chinese food, but still want to get fat.

Another one of their older items I tried was their McDouble. Now, I usually get it plain due to not liking their items they put on it, but it is two patties with cheese in the middle, usually comes with tiny chopped onions, pickles, and ketchup on top. If you still want to have the onions, and don’t just want it plain, I would recommend not getting pickles because they usually taste very different compared to the rest of the burger.

Lastly, the newest item of theirs that I tried was their Buttermilk Crispy Chicken “Deluxe” Sandwich. Now, if you don’t have sharper teeth, make sure to ask for no lettuce. The lettuce McDonald’s puts on these commonly come out of the sandwich whenever you bite into the sandwich, removing most of the mayo from the sandwich. Otherwise, this sandwich is pretty much the McChicken with giant pieces of lettuce and added tomato. The only other thing different between the two sandwiches is that this “deluxe” sandwich is less healthy, but has slightly more realistic tasting chicken. If you are a fan of real food, but still want to get in and out quickly, I would recommend this sandwich – with no lettuce or tomato.

Overall, I would say that McDonald’s food tastes very good. However, the health benefits are not as great as that taste. Overall, I would give the restaurant 6 stars.


Out of 50.

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  • February 20, 2016 at 5:35 AM

    Nice article, Aaron!

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