Valentines Day doesn’t Suck!

February 14th, the day in which people all over the U.S. complain about the holiday because they’re “single.” This traditionally happy holiday has turned into the biggest outlet for criticism towards anything sappy and romantic. Yet many people find themselves looking forward to it, because whether you like it or not, Valentine’s day is kinda awesome. Here’s 4 reasons why Valentine’s day doesn’t suck.

4.) It kickstarts relationships

Oftentimes people are too nervous to tell other people how they feel. I mean, how do you bring that up in a conversation? “Ugh that book report was soooo hard! Do you love me?” Valentine’s day gives them an excuse, whether it’s asking someone on a date or slipping valentines in someone’s locker this holiday causes relationships.

3.) It gives people a chance to celebrate their love

With life being super busy, it’s not often couples get a chance to reflect and spend time caring for eachother. Valentine’s day causes people to stop and spend time doing something nice for someone else, whether it be romantic or not.


Need I say more, whether it’s your friend or your lover, there’s nothing better then unexpected chocolate. In addition, there’s a ton of candy on sale the day after.

1.) It doesn’t have to be romantic

Who says Valentine’s day has to be all about the couples. Love isn’t mutually exclusive to romantic love. You can celebrate love with your friends, pets, family, inanimate objects, whatever causes you to be happy. Valentine’s day is about celebrating love, so do just that.

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