Super Bowl Commercial Break

Take a break from your work to enjoy these 4 commercials from Super Bowl 50 picked by the Saber Slate staff. They’re pretty interesting to say the least…

Mountain Dew combined a puppy, a baby, and a monkey to advertise their new Kickstart drink which combines Mountain Dew, caffeine, and juice.  Their intent was to show that their drink combines three awesome things, but the end result was a creature that can only be described as well, creepy.


Death by stampede would be extremely adorable if it looks anything like the new Heinz Super Bowl ad. I mean, adorable dachshunds dressed in hot dog outfits run full speed at people dressed up as condiments. The bottle of mustard ends up on the ground, but doesn’t seem to be complaining about the attack. Dreams do come true.


Who doesn’t love hearing classic Queen songs? What could ever be better than a classic Queen song? Oh, that’s right: Sheep singing a classic Queen song. And let’s admit it: the stereo on the bed of the truck idea is pretty dang cool too.

This commercial took the words “super bowl” literally in a very interesting way. It reminds us the uses of bowls in our daily life. Overall I don’t know why would waste $10 million dollars on this “interesting” 1 minute ad.

One thought on “Super Bowl Commercial Break

  • February 10, 2016 at 8:50 AM

    The Kickstart commercial did exactly what it advertised it would do; keep me up all night.

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