Science Makes Life Cooler Once Again

The dream from Back to the Future is now a reality… Well sort of.  Retailers have recently been selling hoverboards, but their flaw is that they don’t really “hover” at all.  Instead, they ride similarly to a segway, only without the ability of stabilization that the bar of a segway allows.  This has led to lots of falling, and pretty hilarious videos, but will a real hoverboard ever be possible, or possibly more safe?  Some fun-loving physicists have created a product that might fit this criteria.  Hendo Inc. has said it has created the world’s first real hoverboard, and posted a video of professional skateboarder Tony Hawk riding it.  It promises to actually float above the ground by using physics.  Although the actual math and science behind it is too complex to explain in a newspaper article, it basically uses two engines on the bottom of the hoverboard that create an opposing magnetic field than the surface below it.  You don’t have to be a super scientist to know what happens that when two magnets oppose each other they repel, thus allowing the board and its occupant to hover.  Currently, the hoverboard can carry a maximum of 300 pounds, and hovers a little more than an inch above the ground.  They are currently selling for $10,000, but Hendo soon hopes to make the cost lower to appeal to a wider range of people.  So you might not be able to purchase your own Hendo Hover just yet, but just know that scientists have indeed created the dream of Back to the Future.

Non Basic Hover                                                         Basic Hover



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  • February 5, 2016 at 7:36 AM

    I love hoverboards, yo.

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