Websites for Your All Your Intellectual Pursuits

So the new year happened recently and maybe some of you resolved to become more knowledgeable about the world around us. Most of you probably didn’t, and many will probably argue that school provides enough of that. Well, I’m here to say that you, sir/ma’am, are wrong. We can all be a little bit more wise, a little bit more aware, and in turn, a lot more cool. Promise. Trust me–you won’t regret it.

Here are some things you can do:

  1. Quora

Quora! Oh, how I love Quora… If you’ve never heard of the site, let me give you a rundown: it’s Yahoo answers, but for intellectuals–or at least without the dumb answers. Topics and questions range from “Do billionaires know something normal people don’t?” to “What is the most awkward conversation you have had with your parents?” to “Why are humans unable to regenerate a severed hand but a starfish can regenerate an arm?” Answers are almost always well written and insightful–even if the question seems simple or shallow. The people on there are smart and often surprisingly funny. Quora is amazing, you’ll like it (if not love it), I promise. (P.S. there’s an app)


2.   TED and TED-Ed

This one is a little bit more well-known–especially for their inspirational, insightful videos of people giving speeches. TED-Ed is a little bit less known but is basically a cartoon version of their regular videos. They take random topics or questions–often science or history related–and make an under-1o-minute animated video about it. You can watch both of these on YouTube, their website, or their app and you will without a doubt learn a lot!

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3. Podcasts

Podcasts! Oh podcasts… Everyone overlooks you. And yes, maybe they are a little nerdy, but they are also AWESOME sources of enlightenment and knowledge. Knowledge, may I add, on every topic you could probably think of–from the usual science, history, etc. to politics, stories, current events, gaming, philosophy, etc. Plus, podcasts are free. Double plus, the Apple podcasts app has a sleep timer where it will turn it off after how ever long you want. AKA, go to sleep to it. Podcasts. are. GREAT.

4. Just Read the News

Ok, so this isn’t a specific website but it is something that you can do to make yourself a LOT more aware in general. It can be as simple as following the New York Times, the Atlantic, BBC, ABC News, Bloomberg Business, the Economist, etc. on Twitter to getting their app and occasionally reading about things that seem intriguing. Apple also has their new news app where you can tell it everything you think is interesting and it will give update you on it.


5. Youtube

Everyone knows Youtube, everyone loves it, too. And there are SO many educational and intellectual channels on Youtube that are really interesting, entertaining, and there is such a variety–from ASAP Science and Minute Physics to Crash Course to the cool, mind-blowing videos that Vsauce is known for. But there are really so many things you can learn on Youtube. I recommend you find something that sparks your interest and extends the boundaries of your knowledge. Also, try to watch some stuff in your own time–not just when you have to for school.


So… That’s all I have for you for now. Do you guys have any more to add to this list? Or a different list? Comment them down below, or even better, put ’em on a list and send it to us! Good Luck! And also, have fun getting smarter!

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