Why You Should Buy A Yearbook

It’s no secret yearbooks are a bit pricey, and many people aren’t planning on buying one, but yearbooks hold years of memories that you will look back upon for years to come. Not just that, in several years from now, you can look back and laugh at your hair style and clothing and ask, “What was I thinking?” If sweet reminiscing isn’t your style, you can buy it to draw faces on the people you don’t like. Or if someone graduates and becomes famous you will have permanent proof you went to school with them. If for no other reason, you should buy a yearbook because the staff have worked long and hard to make it awesome this year.  

Cameron Brockman states that, “I would say that people should buy this years yearbook because we stepped up out designs and started being more creative with what is put in there. The senior pages are a lot more personal. The cover is unlike any cover that we have had in years past, and is completely different than what any other school has. Clubs and activities are getting more recognition, and if you are not in sport or activity, you might be featured in the department pages that are new this year! We got rid of nonsense pages such as the senior linking page, and we are just giving the yearbook a whole new, more modern and advanced look! It’s a great way to store and cherish your high school memories, write notes to all your classmates on the signature pages, and read and see the pictures and summaries that you or your friends might be included in!”

The yearbook this year is definitely worth the purchase, you want something to remember all of the amazing seniors by don’t you? You can order them at https://yearbookforever.com and the deadline is January 30th so don’t delay!

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