Creating Music Concert

Have you ever wondered about the people who write what musicians play? Well, the skill of writing music is passed down from orchestra teacher Mr. Hull to the student of the creating music class. This class showed some of their skills off on Wednesday the 13th, in which some of the students played their creations in front of an audience in the Saber Center.

The concert started off with a few words by the instructor, TJ Hull, and then went on with a representation of one improvisation game that the class would sometimes do with their “junk” instruments, which are all of the instruments constructed by the students at the beginning of the semester. These instruments range from a strummed drum to a PVC Pipe flute. The certain improv game that the students played was called “noise conductor,” in which one of the students does not play, but instead conducts the other students by any way they choose. The conductor could be overly serious, or jumping around pointing at what student should play at what time. 

The rest of the concert went well, with performances of very well put together solo pieces and ensembles, such as In Remembrance of You, composed and played by Kelly Sung, or Ghost, composed by Sarah Starcevich. On the other hand, there were also parody pieces, such as MLG_SpongeuBobuSquarepantsu, composed by Tim Czerniakowski, or Steamy Circle Loaves, composed and played by the Saber Slate’s very own Josh Zielke. There were also many pieces that consisted of just one person playing the piece, such as Solo Guitar Piece, composed and performed by Phillip Geil, or A Simple Violin Solo, composed and performed by Mitchell Ott. Another solo would be The Plague, composed by Dan Paine and performed by the Creating Music instructor and Orchestra Director, TJ Hull. There were many other pieces played throughout the concert, and the entire program can be found in this link.

There might not have been a huge crowd at the concert, but it was more than enough to play for. In all, it was a great turnout for a concert that was barely even advertised. All of the performers had a great time, and the people in the audience thought it was a great show. 

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