16 Things to Learn in 2016

  1. A new year to be a new you. Many of you may have created new years resolutions or goals for the upcoming year. The Saber Slate is here to provide you with 16 things that -if you try and implement them in your life – will make you a stronger, more mature citizen/student/friend. *Please note they’re not in any particular order.

1.Procrastination isn’t always bad (as long as you can manage it).

Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is to just go to bed or watch that next episode on Netflix. In fact, in some situations in your future you will have to complete tasks with little prior notice. Procrastination is like training yourself to get work done fast, under pressure which is actually an important life skill. So again, don’t beat yourself up if you procrastinated a little too much.

2.  If you’re nice to your teacher, they will be nice to you.

I can’t stress this one enough. No matter what you might think, your teachers are here to help you. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have become a teacher. Treat them with the respect and authority they deserve and everything will run smoother for everyone.

3. Taking care of yourself comes first.

Take a break from your video games/studying/netflix binge to go for a run or stretch. Your body has to last longer than that Making a Murderer episode. Try and eat healthy (mostly) and aim for at least 6 hours of sleep at night. Nothing is more important than your health.

4. High School goes by fast.

No matter how long the weeks may seem, high school seems to fly by. One minute you’re in freshman gym and the next you’re in senior health.Take time to notice all of the little things in your life that will soon just be memories. Learn what your best friends favorite song is or pay attention to the way they laugh. Go to winterlude and prom, you’ll never have some of these opportunities again.

5. Basic car mechanics.

If you haven’t already started driving, you will soon. Try and learn things like how to jump a dead battery, how to change a tire, proper accident procedures so you’re prepared in any stressful situations that may come up.

6. Chores are your responsibility too.

As much as you might think it’s your parent’s responsibility to make dinner or you siblings job to fold the laundry – it’s not – it’s yours too. Spend half an hour at the end of the day washing dishes or offer to take the dog out in the cold this time. Your family will appreciate your effort and it shows maturity.

7. How to cook, pick a recipe to be your signature dish and perfect it.

While you don’t have to become the next Iron Chef, try and learn how to cook a bit more than ramen and box macaroni (unless you already have good cooking skills). If you’re a girl and can cook well it will most likely impress the guys. If you’re a guy that can cook well, girls are usually impressed if a guy can cook. These bonuses don’t hurt :p Either way, it’s a nice suprise to make dinner for you parents and soon you will have to cook for yourself in college.

8. “Attitude is everything. Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% what you make of it”

If you haven’t already learned the meaning of this, get on that in 2016.

9. Walks in the woods are great to clear your mind.

Sometimes you just have to step away from the craziness of life and get some fresh air. Create a “de-stress” routine for when life gets tough. This can involve learning yoga, going for a walk in the woods, a hard workout etc.

10. Someone always has it worse than you.

Basically suck it up buttercup.

11. The adults in your life almost always (in most cases) have the best intentions for you.

Although we often think that our parents/administrators/teachers are always out to get us, they really aren’t. Learn to have more faith in the adults in your life. Respect your parent’s curfew, and stop taking your stress and anger out on them. They love you.

12. How to write a professional email.

Soon you’re going to be thrown into college and the professional world which will require that you know how to write a mature email. Start practicing proper greetings and grammar now when you email teachers and other students. Make sure you have an email address (besides your school email) that sounds professional enough to send to potential employers and colleges.

13. How to swallow your pride and say sorry.

This one’s a lifelong lesson that is often the hardest one to learn. If you’re wrong, just admit it and move on. Don’t lie to make yourself look better, doing the right thing will always get you further at the end of the day.

14. How to budget your money.

Whether it’s money from your job, birthday money or money from your parents, you need to know how to spend money wisely. Put your money in a savings account and consider making a separate college fund (college is really expensive guys). Ask your friends if you can cook dinner one night instead of going out to eat or show a movie at your house instead of going to the theaters. Overall, be more conscious of your spending this year.

15. Current news/politics.

It’s important to stay updated with the news around you and the rest of world. This may mean enrolling in AP Gov or downloading the Buzzfeed News App. At least know enough information to be able to maturely discuss the upcoming presidential election.  

16. Making mistakes or having things not go as planned isn’t the end of the world.

Learn to forgive yourself. Getting a B- on a test you needed to get an A on or doing something you aren’t particularly proud of doesn’t make a bad person. Sometimes we’re simply too hard on ourselves. Don’t focus on what happened, focus on how you are going to learn from the experience to not make the mistake again. Wallowing in it or getting mad at yourself doesn’t fix anything.

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