National P Wats Day Summary

National P Wats day, January 12th, was a huge hit for teachers, students and P Wats alike. After a special celebration when she arrived in the morning, P Wats was treated with an episode of The Saber Roar made just for her. Here, we detail her reaction and explain some of the behind the scenes of the special day.


What was your initial reaction to the video?

P Wats: Loved it! A lot of work went into that, it was awesome!

Anything else you’d like to say to FHS?

P Wats: I really appreciate everything they have done for me today, and every day really. I’m very fortunate to be apart of a wonderful group of students and staff. I’m just really grateful for what they did and the hard work, time and planning to pull it off.

How grateful are you for P Wats?

PWats is my best friend she is always there for me whenever I’m down or if I’m having a problem inside of school or outside of School. PWats always tries to keep kids safe and stay out of trouble. She always puts everybody in a positive attitude and keeping kids in order. I am always excited to go to school because I’m always looking forward to PWats. Every morning before resource I always see her in the commons and always go up to her and say “Hey PWats” and I would ask her how was ur weekends and simple conversations with her she’s really amazing and nice security lady and thank you for everything PWats! – Alaina Kamalian

Extremely grateful for what all that she does to keep the school safe and running smoothly. She truly has the student’s best interest at heart. – Mrs. Umhoefer

Extremely! She is the type of person where if you need something, you can ask her over email, person or phone and she will do whatever it takes to help you out!- Mrs. Hepworth

I am extremely grateful for Pwats she is a god sent and will always be remembered with the blue hallway. There were a lot of rowdy students and she was very important in controlling them. -Mrs. Kahler

Infinitely! I have more of a appreciation for her because my classroom is by the cafeteria, she is really funny and helps control students.  I get to hear her lovely voice everyday.- Ms. Mosca

Very grateful. She’s inspiring because she is such a rapport with the students. She knows everything! -Mrs. Sackerson

I am extremely grateful for Pwats she is always out there to guide traffic no matter what weather with her awesome hat and keeps everyone in check. – Hanna Helker

Her professional happy attitude with the students is a big plus and great big help for the staff with most students. She is helpful with all issues that we have deal with. – Mr. Boettcher

What was your inspiration for making the video? 

I (Sam Pike) made the song last year in bio class when I was a sophomore. That class was filled with freshmen and most of them did not know who PWats was. I felt the need to introduce them to who the legend PWatts truly is, so I wrote the song.

How long has this been in the works?

I wrote the song last year, it was on pause for quite some time. Two months ago I talked to Ms. Schlect and asked her help. Recording took a month. The video took month.


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