What News Sites Find as Important as Politics

Isn’t it amazing what can be considered “real news” these days? People like Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber seem to be taking the spotlight for most of the news that comes off the presses, when it should be directed towards things that matter, such as citizens that are revered in their community, or unbiased political updates. Yet we get more celebrity news rather than anything worth taking your time to read. Here are some headlines that were among the same group as more important news:

“Is Kardashian dating Bieber?”

Taken from CNN.com, a world renowned news site known for its credibility.

Keep in mind this was in the same category as “Trump at 41% in a new poll.” which is also from CNN.com, that is real news, a story about how a potential presidential candidate is getting more and more approval ratings in society, and becoming a better candidate in the race for presidency. Compared to the Kardashian/Bieber article, it’s the biggest thing in news since the moon landing in 1969.

“Snoring polar bear cub is the cutest thing you’ll see today”

Okay, a cute baby animal video. We get it, it has a really small face and high pitched snore, but does that really deserve to be on the home page of CNN.com? It is within a quick glance away from a story about how an american soldier is facing court-martial after being imprisoned by the Taliban. Now there, there is real, interesting, worthwhile news. Not some cute polar bear, not some celebrity couple that may or may not be a thing, but an american soldier, a man who had fought for his country overseas, getting put in front of a grand jury for something he did overseas. That is more important than those unimportant articles about cute animals sleeping because it is national news that is to be seen as a guide to not do in the future. The man facing court-martial could very well make history, whereas the Kardashian/Bieber story is 1. a rumor and 2. just another stupid celebrity couple that will end faster than any other.

So there it is, the ugly truth. News sites see cute animal videos at the same level of importance as updates about the 2016 presidential candidates’.

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