Calling All Juniors: Badger Boys and Girls State

Hey guys (and for this article I do mean guys),

Many of you may have been briefly informed by a teacher about a program called Badger Boys State for current Juniors. If you already picked up an application then you’re in luck. If not, then you should make sure to get one as soon as possible. It is a fantastic program and I gained a lot from the experience. It is often described as a “week to change a lifetime” in pamphlets, and as someone who attended the 2015 session this past summer I can confirm that it truly was. There is a Girl’s State Program as well, but I will be focusing on Badger Boy’s State as I have yet to attend Badger Girl’s State and feel that I wouldn’t be well qualified to speak of it in depth.

As an experience, Badger Boy’s State lacks any valid point of comparison to other programs open to incoming (male) seniors. The many unique opportunities made available during that week enabled me to leave with a fuller mind, broader outlook, and dozens of new friends. Here’s a general outline of some of the primary reasons you should apply.

  • Learn to Lead
    • Badger Boy’s State allows you to participate firsthand in the process of leadership. Participants from all over Wisconsin collectively form a mock “51st state”, which is subdivided into counties, which are subdivided into cities.
      • Each city has 32 attendees, and each county has 3 cities
        • Delegates will participate in election and can run for various offices
    • Elected officials will run meetings and facilitate the creation of laws
      • I was elected mayor of my city, meaning I got to lead my 31 peers in city meetings
      • In my other position as County Federalist Party Chair I led larger meetings consisting of 48 delegates
        • Each position left me with invaluable insights on organization, communication, and leadership that have already proven useful.
    • Each delegate has equal opportunity to excel, and those that immerse themselves in the program have the highest chances of success.
  • Make friends
    • Although you may not initially know anyone in your city, I can assure you that you will make fast, strong friendships.
      • Seven months after BBS ended I still talk to many of the friends I made there.
    • Through athletics, classroom sessions, and city meetings you will meet and befriend some of the most promising young men in Wisconsin.
    • You’ll live in the same building as the rest of your county, and will share a room with another member of your city.
  • Broaden your horizons
    • Boys from the farthest reaches of the state will be there, and each one of them will bring their own unique ideas to meetings
    • BBS offers introductory courses on subjects like public speaking, law, and business that will expand your knowledge in areas you choose to explore.

Additionally, the application literally takes like 12 minutes (faster than saving money with Geico), so even for those busy people out there this shouldn’t be too much trouble to complete. The application is due to the GUIDANCE OFFICE (Student Services) by January 12th, so you still have time to turn it in. Good luck guys!

P.S.-Most colleges look favorably upon participation in the Boys State program, and it’s an element that will ensure that you stand out to admissions counselors anywhere you apply.
P.P.S.-If there is a Girls State alumna reading this who is willing to write a short review of the program, I encourage you to contact Mr. Nettesheim prior to the application deadline (January 12th).

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