What we all can learn from the Poms Team

The FHS Poms team has been putting in lots of hard work in preparation for this season’s competitions as well as their upcoming regional, state, and national competitions. So far, they’ve finished a successful “pre-season” and achieved a clean sweep at their first competition of the season in Hortonville. FHS Poms won 1st in Pom, kick line, and their football routine! After that, they felt strong about their performance but placed a solid second in all their categories at DePere–replacing their football routine with jazz. From there on, they remained at second place in the rest of their competitions—although kickline tended to vary. Jessica Meissner, a sophomore, says, “We feel good and believe we are prepared to move forward. We’re all very motivated going into these last competitions before regionals.”

All this talk about their current season made me start to wonder—what is it like being a Pom girl? What does it take to be one? What are the competitions like? I decided to hit the streets and ask some of the team’s members about all these questions. Sarah Walsh, the Poms senior team captain, describes what it’s truly like to be a Pom member:

“To be a Pom member, it takes a lot of dedication, passion, and hard work. You may not think it does but it takes a lot of arm and leg strength, too. People always say dance isn’t a sport so we try to prove them wrong by doing the best we can be, whether that be through amazing jumps or sharp arms. We just want to show them what we’ve got.” Sarah explained how to be the best they can be, they have to practice a LOT. “We have practice three days a week and a competition almost every weekend. Can’t forget many basketball games to practice performing in front of a crowd! So far this year we have been working so hard at practice but somehow we’ve been falling a hair short at competition so I think if we really step up our game and work even harder, we can bring home the win.”

What Sarah said really resounded with me and I realized that these are lessons that we all have to learn and implement in almost everything we do. Sarah talks about how important practice is to being successful— “The goal is to perfect our routines before we compete them so long hours of practice seems awful at the time but will hopefully pay off in the end.”

Despite all the hours of hard work and dedication, I also learned that being in Poms is just as much a rewarding and fun experience that is based on forming a “family” and bonding. Junior Maggie Ryan describes a typical Poms experience during competitions, “Before competitions, we all get ready in a dressing rooms and listen to music. Then, right before we go on, we get into a circle and talk to each other and give each other motivation—remembering everything we’ve been working towards. Then, we do a chant to get us ready to compete.”  
Great job ladies! You guys are all inspiring and awesome and will do amazing this season! Good luck!

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