Star Wars: Battlefront

Excited about the new Star Wars movie that just came out?  Well, what product hasn’t been transformed by the new Star Wars movie?  Video games aren’t exempt from the reach of the new Star Wars movie.  Electronic Arts and Digital Illusions CE have made the sixth videogame in the Star Wars series, Starwars Battlefront.  Battlefront offers both single player and multiplayer game modes, but in order to get the full experience you should play the multiplayer(Since their is no single player campaign, the single player game modes are the same as the multiplayer game modes, but you’re playing against the computer).  Multiplayer game modes include Supremacy, Cargo, Droid Run, Walker Assault, Blast, Drop Zone, Heroes vs Villains, and Hero Hunt.  Single player game modes include Survival, Battles, and Hero Battles.  Here are some of the main game modes.


Supremacy is a control point based game where teams need to capture a series of control points to win the game.  There are two teams, The Imperials and The Rebels, each with twenty player.  Unlike typical control point based games, teams must capture the control points in order.  A team gains points every few seconds for each control point they have captured.  A team wins by being the first to reach 200 or if no team reaches 200, then it’s the team with the most points after 10 minutes.

Heroes vs Villains

In Heroes vs Villains, the objective is to defeat the other team’s Heroes or Villains(depending on which team you’re on.  If you’re on the Imperial side, then you want to defeat the other team’s heroes, but if you’re on the Rebel side you want to defeat the villains).  Each team has 3 troopers and 3 Heroes/Villians.  The Rebel Heroes are Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Han Solo.  The Imperial Villains are Emperor Palatine, Darth Vader, and Boba Fett.  Each Hero/Villain has their own special ability that can be used in combat.  Once a Hero/Villain is killed, they become a regular trooper for their team.  The game ends when all the opposing heros/villains are killed or the team who has the most heroes/villians alive after 10 minutes.

Walker Assault

In Walker Assault, the Imperial forces need to get at least one of the walkers into targeting range of the Rebel’s base.  The Rebels need to destroy all of the walkers in order to win the round.  Around the map, there are uplinks that the Rebels can activate to get more Y-Wings.  There are three points in the game where the Y-Wings are summoned to destroy the walkers.  For every uplink that the Rebels control once the Y-Wings are summoned, the Rebels get two more Y-Wings.  The Imperial forces can deactivate the uplinks, once they capture them.  In Walker Assault you can play some of the classic maps like The Battle of Endor and The Battle of Hoth, but also some new maps. 🙂


Star War Battlefront is available for the Playstation 4, PC, and Xbox One.


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