Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year again, whether you were assigned to secret santa for someone you don’t even know, or had to face the awkward situation of someone got me a present but I have nada for them, Christmas is stressful. In middle school you could have gotten away with candy or a drawing, not that those things still wont work, but it’s no secret high schoolers are hard to shop for. Especially if you don’t know them well. Here are 5 gift ideas for High Schoolers, boys or girls.

    1.) Gift Cards

While this may be everyone’s go to gift, it shows you put more thought into it than 10 bucks inside an envelope. Plus, this way the recipient can simply buy whatever they’d like. There’s tons of different popular options such as target, starbucks, and Itunes.

    2.) Gag Gifts

You don’t have to know a person especially well to know what irritates or amuses them. For instance many people know that Ms. Umhoefer hates crocs. So why not get her crocs for christmas, or even better knock off versions that cost half as much and  look even worse. Get them a miniature stuffed animal, or a vegetable with a face drawn on it. It’s always good to be ironic.

    3.) Books

What greater way to force your friends to finally read that great book you can’t stop talking about. Books are easy to wrap, relatively inexpensive depending on where you find them, and are versatile depending on the recipient’s personality. I personally would recommend the Harry Potter series, but that’s just me.

    4.) DIY

Pinterest tutorials that turn out awful but at least you can say you tried

    5.) Letter/Card

If all else fails, write a card or letter. Take some time to sit down and tell the person how much they mean to you, or be creative and just make up a bunch of funny jokes. If you spend time on it, they’ll be able to tell. Or just give them a store bought card that sings jingle bells, that works too.


We also realize that you may still need gifts for your parents or younger siblings, so here are some last minute ideas for them. These gifts are less stressful than gifts for teenagers; your parents will love whatever you get them and chances are your siblings can’t complain because they didn’t get you anything better.

Christmas Cards– Simple make a Christmas card, and decorate it however you want. Think about the person that you are giving this to (ex. what they like, favorite foods, etc)

Paper Wallet– Watch this video on YouTube, and make a paper wallet for your family. Start by making it with one sheet of paper, and then try it with two. This is the best gift for younger kids.

Handmade Flowers– Watch this youtube video to make a bouquet of flowers. They use orgami paper, but you can also use construction paper or tissue paper. Tissue paper looks better in my opinion.

Rainbow Loom Bracelets– Let’s go back to rainbow loom. This was something really popular. You can make a rainbow loom bracelet for your little sister if she loves them. This youtube video  will help you. Skip to 0.20. That is where they start the demonstration. You can use red and green for the Christmas spirit, or you can use any colors that the person you are giving this to loves. You can make this with your fingers. It does not require the entire kit. 



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