Everything You Need To Know About FHS Entrepreneurship 2015-2016

The first semester entrepreneurship businesses have started selling. Please consider supporting the your peers in their business endeavors. Listed below is everything you need to know for each business as well as what they’re selling with applicable prices. The easiest way to purchase merchandise is to contact the member’s of the business’s directly.


Business Name Partners Product and Pricing Selling and Other Info
Cozy Cups Lizzy Versnik, Madisen Stender, Brianna Mosley We are selling reusable coffee cup sleeves. ($4) Each product will be sold will with Hershey kisses, paper coffee cups (with coffee sleeve, and a package of hot chocolate. Students can email Madisen, Lizzy and Brianna if they are interested. We will be selling before school.We have a variety of different patterns for each sleeves or custom orders.
Mil-Town Lanyards Tristan Koepsel

Jake Bessette

Zach Jaszczyk

Milwaukee Bucks Lanyards ($5) Possibly Nike lanyards. Students can purchase lanyards before and during resource in the lower commons from us.
We also can do custom orders such as saber lanyards or other sports teams.
Healthy Moisturizers Jenel Karow

Jocelyn Krueger

Basent Ismail

Erika Marion

Aloe infused fuzzy socks

L’Bri skin lotion

Students can purchase during passing times, before school, resource, during first hour A days.
Our lotion is chemical free and is actually healthy for your skin unlike most lotion, aloe socks will keep your feet moisturized and not dry
Charged up! Kiley Hoyt

Eva Hoppe

Peyton Brazer

Susanna Lai

Portable chargers $12 Students can purchase before school in the commons, during lunch, in between class, tables in the commons.
Follow us on twitter @chargedupfhs
My Computer Mouse Max Alba

Joe Jackson

Light up wired mouse: $15
Wireless Mouse: $10
Phone Stylus: $5
See Joe or Max in person, send us an email, or DM us on twitter @fhsmice
We are selling computer mice to help make working on students chromebooks easier.
Candlelight Candles Rachel Lahti

Tanushi Surana

Yankee Candles
(Christmas Tree- $12Chocolate Peppermint – $12Pink Sands – $10Sparkling Cinnamon – $10

Welcome Christmas – $10

Pumpkin Pie – $10

-Students can purchase from the front tables near the roar store or from either Rachel or Tanushi directly and we can deliver the candles to you.

– We will be at the tables after school on Wednesdays from 2:30-2:45

Bandz Robbie Koper

Joe Brucker

Kyle Lewis

Wristbands – $5 Purchase them from all 3 of us and whenever you want to buy them throughout the school day.
B & R Ninja’s Dylan Romine Temporary tattoo’s ($0.25 each)

Ninja Stress toy’s ($2.00 each)

Ninja Water bottles ($3.00 each)

Students can purchase every Tuesday before school at 7:00- 7:30 am, late lunch.
SOAPerfect Connor Fernandes

Nathan Gennrich

David Hanneman

Josh Iraci

Bath Bombs

($5 for one, $4 each for 2 or more).
Scents include Black Raspberry Vanilla, Cool Water, Moonlight Roses, Tie Dye, & Wild Passion.

Students can purchase before resource by the school store, email us or tweet us @FHSBathBombs
Craft-A-Cup Joe Hasenstein

Nate McComb

Jake Hyatt

Cups: $5 Students can purchase from the school store before and after school or directly from us.
Swanky Cordz Brett Grulkowski

Adam Dohr

Ryley Clark

Spiral Cord Protectors $1 for every 25 cm (standard iPhone charger is about 100 cm.) DM our twitter @FHS_SwankyCordz

Or contact us by email.

We come with many different colors to see the colors check out our twitter. @FHS_SwankyCordz

A Swanky Cord is a cord that makes your cord last longer by preventing it from breaking and frying. It also gives your charger a little swank and color.

M.A.D Christmas Gift Baskets Amanda Sorce

Matthew Gerges

Dawson Ziegler

Holiday Gift Baskets

Candy Canes- $1 Fuzzy Socks- $1 Hot Chocolate box- $10 Winter Hats and Gloves- $1

We will be selling before or after school.

Can help you get a present for both genders that you do not know what to buy for them.

China Lanyards Arsh Dhawan

Austin Thiemer

Nolan Vey

Super Hero Lanyards

1 for $3 and 2 for $5

Students can purchase at lunch, in class, after school and during school activities.

We have the cheapest and best Lanyards in the school.

Pin It Jenna Carr

Jordyn Dutkiewicz

Pin on buttons with faculty faces and their signature catch phrases.

Mr. Babiarz “Gooood Luck” Pin

Mr. Nirschl “Seriously?!” Pin

Mrs. Dryer “Bebe Tu Agua” Pin

Mr. Brown “Get After It” Pin

All pins are $3.00

Jordyn and Jenna will be selling the buttons personally.

Info on our twitter.

Contact the teachers whose faces are featured on the buttons.

FHS Luscious Lips Ashley Grube

Savannah Perelgut

Ben McCarthy

Lip Balm: 1 for $2 -or- 2 for $3

(Flavors: Mint, Vanilla, Tangerine, and Cherry)

-Contact us on twitter (@FHSLusciousLips)
Grass’s Tees Tyler Matthews

Grace Paszkiewicz

Charlie Pond

Matthew Melcher

T shirts $12 We have an online order form.


Dyehard T-Shirts Ana Hoeft

Mark Davis

Grace Gavronski

Homemade tie-dye t shirts

$10 each

DM our twitter @Dyehard_Tshirt

Talk to us.

Swag Lanyards Jacob Monfre

Tanner Dykstra

Ian Spaay

Lanyards ($5)

Michigan, Packers, Wisconsin, Iowa, Mets,Florida, Alabama, Vikings, Bears, Seahawks, Texans

Contact Ian, Tanner, or Jacob. before after or during school at the commons.

Business with a Philanthropic Mission

Entrepreneurship students only get to keep half of the profits (if applicable) of their business, the other half of the profits are donated to a charity of the student’s choosing. This year Entrepreneurship students have chosen to donate to The Wounded Warrior Project. For more information on The Wounded Warrior Project click here.  


Additionally, please consider filling out these surveys.

Charged Up

Healthy Moisturizers

Swanky Cordz

Bath Bombs

Mil Town Lanyards



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    We are selling Fuzzy Socks. I realize that you may have not gotten our information but our socks are $3 a pair, and 2 for $5.

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