E is for Empowerment

Empowered women of FHS is one of the newer clubs offered at Franklin high school but it is highly popular amongst students. In fact, around 90 students are involved in the club. With Mrs. Doucette and Mrs. Dennis at the forefront of the club, it’s no surprise the club’s popularity is growing. Maddie Petre and Jenna Carr explain the organization’s important goals in an interview.

What is the objective of Empowered women of FHS?The goal of Empowered Women of FHS is to create a safe environment where students can express feelings about current events, break down gender stereotypes, and feel more confident in society, all while participating in fun activities as well.
What does a typical meeting involve? When we don’t have an activity going on, such as self defense courses or panel discussions, our meetings are normally very short and to the point. We begin each meeting off with reminders on upcoming events. Then, we try and focus on a current event within society that involves gender stereotypes, followed by a discussion about the current event. After, Jenna and I have created some fun activities, such as Empowered Women Pictionary to make sure the girls are still having fun. We wrap up our meetings by giving information on upcoming events and when the next meeting will be.
In what was are you making a difference in individuals lives? I believe the main difference we are making on the individual lives within our organization is an increase in confidence. The members of our club are learning about how they can break down the gender stereotypes and become strong women within society. We have many girls coming together (87 at our first meeting), so many different personalities are coming together and collaborating on how women can be strong, confident, and empowered.
In what ways are you making a difference in the community? I believe that when members of the community hear about our organization, they will gain confidence in the students that Franklin High School is producing. If women are leaving our school feeling confident and motivated to make a difference, it is much more likely that they will become hard working members of the Franklin community.

Altogether Empowered Women of FHS is making a meaningful and courageous difference in our high school. If you have any questions regarding the club contact the clubs advisers or student leaders. 
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