Happy Holidays?

The Christmas spirit has already begun to show its face, as pumpkin spice lattes have changed to peppermint mochas, decorations are being seen, and a countdown to Christmas app is being installed in everyone’s phone.  Most people are beyond excited as they begin to sing Christmas carols and talk of all the presents they want. However for others, the leap into the holiday season brings eye rolls and moans, as they exclaim there are still another two whole months until Christmas, with Thanksgiving being overlooked.

So is there a right time to begin celebrating the holidays?  Well, as it turns out we have little control to decide so.  Major retailers are the main reason that the holidays come too early, as the holiday season gives them a hefty paycheck.  The earlier they push the holidays, the longer they can stretch the period of rapid gift-buying because let’s face it, although turkeys for Thanksgiving are expensive, Thanksgiving does not cash out like Christmas does.  It’s this thought that makes retailers like Macys put the star on the Christmas tree bright and early in November.  

The holidays are also pushed on media all around us, as ads for deals on items are seen in every commercial break.  Holiday songs are also played on the radio, making it hard to ignore the “rapidly approaching” holiday season. So although you can’t stop the holidays from coming, you can decide when you begin celebrating it. What do you think? Should retailers stop pressing the holidays so early, or do you think Christmas is a wonderful time of the year that deserves to be celebrated?  Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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