Resume Building Tips

Hello FHS students,

Eventually, we will all have to leave the safety of our childhood homes and venture into the “real world”. How many times have you heard that phrase- “the real world”? While our lives will be profoundly changed in many significant ways following our graduation, this phrase almost makes it seem as if nothing we do in high school matters. Well, I’ve got a secret for you. What we do now does matter, and going the extra mile now can give you a competitive edge when applying for college or a job.

Here is a list of things that you can do to make yourself stand out.

  • Start a club! This shows that you are not only a leader, but that you are endowed with the determination and creativity to start a new organization. This will require no small amount of determination and effort, but your willingness to work hard will shine favorably on you when applying to your dream school. You’ll also probably have fun participating and leading the club, making this even more worthwhile.
    • Can’t come up with an idea? Here are a few!
      • Government Club-could cover information from government classes and discuss/debate current events
      • Language Clubs-learn more about foreign languages-go to cultural events and watch movies in the language you speak. Make it even more interesting by running meetings entirely in the language!
      • History Club-learn about things that aren’t generally covered in classes, could watch historical movies and documentaries
  • Volunteer! Volunteering is a great way to make yourself shine among the bland masses. Plus, the helping others part is also rewarding in itself.
    • Become involved with a volunteer organization! Here are some groups you can join in order to volunteer with others, for others.
      • Franklin Service Club
      • Church youth groups
      • ECO Club
      • National Honor Society
    • Alternatively, you could find ways to volunteer on your own or with just a few friends.
  • Attend summer camps and seminars! Many colleges nowadays have STEM programs or similar camps during the summer for teenagers. These are a great way to make yourself stand out and to learn something new! Attending leadership programs/camps are also a great way to make yourself visible to admissions officers. In any case, camps are a great way to meet new people, come into contact with new thoughts and ideas, and to make memories that’ll last you your whole life- even in the “real world”.
  • This one’s almost a no-brainer (ironically)-Get good grades! While many of you may have parents who tell you this, it is important to realize that this time they might just be nagging for a good reason. Getting exceptional grades gets you positive attention while poor grades will also make you stand out for the wrong reasons.
    • However, it is important to realize that grades aren’t everything. With the holistic selection process used by schools nowadays, it is vital to diversify your interests and not to spend so much time on school that you don’t have time for clubs or extracurriculars.
  • Participate in sports and extracurricular activities! It is important to stay busy. Those who have a full schedule are often given more positive attention than those who primarily spend their after-school hours on the couch watching tv or playing normie games like Call of Duty.

Hopefully these tips prove helpful to you. There are certainly other ways to make yourself stand out as well, but I feel that these are by far the easiest and surest ways for the average high school student. Thanks for reading and best of luck in the coming years!

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