Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Google recently released their 6th major update for their Android operating system.  Sticking with Google’s tradition of naming their operation systems after sweet treats, Google named their next operating system “Marshmallow”.  Here are some major changes with the new operating system.

Google Now on Tap android

Android’s personal assistant has got a lot smarter with this new update.  Google Now can examine your screen and  automatically take relevant action based on what it sees.  For example, if you’re texting your friend about what restaurant you want to go to, Google Now will bring up the ratings for restaurants that are mentioned in the conversation.  


Battery Doze

Doze is a new feature that allows your phone’s charge to last longer.  Basically, when you’re not using your phone, Doze will simply pause your apps so they don’t drain your battery while not in use.  Since apps won’t be running while your phone is not being used, this means that apps will not automatically update with new information.  Google claims that this new feature could double how long your battery stays charged.

Privacy and Security Advanced Permissions

This may not sound like the most exciting feature, but it’s actually a really important feature.  Previously, when you would install a app, the app would ask for permission to access everything and anything the app needed(like access to your camera, microphone, photos, etc.).  Now, with the new update, apps ask for your permission on a case-by-case basis.  For example, if you wanted to tweet a photo to your friends using Twitter, then the app would ask you for permission to access your photos.  That way you know exactly when the app wants to use that feature and why the app is using that feature.

Even though Google released the update a few weeks ago, it depends on when your manufacturer pushes the update to your phone.  Which for some phones may be awhile.


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