The Martian Movie Review

How many have read the book The Martian? It’s okay if you haven’t, now you can just watch the movie!

Here is some background on the story. The main character, astronaut Mark Watney, gets left behind on Mars after being presumed dead. NASA discovers Watney is alive and must figure out how to save him. Meanwhile, Watney must figure out how to survive alone on Mars.

Now, I know that this plotline sounds like a sci fi movie, but it is probably one of the most realistic movies I’ve ever seen. I personally had not read the book, but I knew that the author, Andy Weir, had done a lot of research to make sure that the book seemed as realistic as possible. The movie was just that. The Martian is both fantastic and realistic at the same time, with all the adventure and mystery of a sci fi, and realism of science.

In addition, the acting and setting were perfect. Matt Damon’s portrayal of Mark Watney was clever and moving. Watney’s clever remarks with mostly himself make an interesting dialogue. Watney’s wit is also part of what keeps him going. The mood was furthered by the setting. The empty red desert of the Mars landscape makes Watney seem completely alone. Yet, the dialogue still manages to be entertaining and keeps you watching.

Like all movies based off of a book there were a few differences. Most were minor and inconsequential, like a change in the amount of time passed. One major change that my friend alerted me too, was at the end of the movie. (spoiler alert) Watney must propel himself through space using a hole punctured in his astronaut suit to reach a moving target. I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely not that coordinated. This change in the story was perhaps one of the most unrealistic parts of the movie. So, for the most part the movie complimented the book, and what was changed took away from the movie’s overall feeling.

The Martian is a great movie with an important lesson. Never give up…(even if you’re stuck on Mars)

If you wish to see The Martian, it is still in theatres. It comes out on DVD/Blu-ray in January.

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