Robots, Yo!

It’s the beginning of November, and you know what that means! Well, you might not, but still, drum-roll please……It is the start of the robotics’ team season. Though not yet in full swing, the robotics team is starting to teach its newcomers the ways of its five sub teams: Mechanical, programming, design, marketing, and electrical.

Design: These guys are responsible for the overall design and look of the robot. It is a very important team, because if they were to mess up, that would affect how the mechanical team made the robot.

Programming: Now to the coders, the readers of binary, the people that tell the robot what to do, and when to do it. They have to, well, program the functions of the robot to best fit the task of the season.

Mechanical: This team is responsible for creating the main structure of the robot, and is very important for how the robot works. They get the instructions from the design team and make the parts to make the design a reality.

Electrical: The wizards of wiring, the masters of circuitry, the builders of the nervous system of the robot. They make sure that the instructions that the programmers made actually happen, so that the parts move the way they should.

Marketing: Now where would the robotics team be without marketing. They would probably be making the robot out of sticks they found outside, and try to wire it with aluminum foil. The marketing team goes out to get sponsors to fund the team, and is responsible for the creation of the website to spread the word about the team.

So there they are, the five sub-teams of the Saber Robotics Team 2506. Be sure to stay on the Saber Slate for more Robotics updates!

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