Tacos, Chipmunks and Nerd Faces, Oh My!

Emojis. A decade ago, they were unheard of. Today, they’ve practically become ingrained into our digital vocabulary. Recently Apple released its newest iOS 9.1 update that includes more wallpapers and new support for Live photos. The most anticipated additions, of course, are the new emojis. But because we know that scrolling through all of those emojis just to catch a glimpse of the most exciting ones can be overwhelming and time-consuming, we’ve rounded up some of those new emojis that we’ve all been waiting for for a very long time. You’re welcome.

rollingFace With the Rolling Eyes: In case the older eye-roll emoji (or the-side-eyes emoji) doesn’t satisfy your expression of annoyance, maybe this will suffice.


livelongAlien Hands/Live Long and Prosper: This multitasking emoji can serve two important needs: to refer to aliens (in some or another), or to give the iconic Star Trek Vulcan salute of “live long and prosper.”


questionThinking Face: This one is obvious; use this one to show that  you’re thinking or you’ll “get back to them on that one.”

upsidedownUpside Down Face: When you are feeling especially silly that day. We all have those days (some more than others).


thermometerFace With Thermometer: When you’re sick and need to give them a visual to make someone feel bad for you.


huggingHugging Face: When you want to give them a hug.



moneyMoney Mouth Face: When you need to emphasize your love for money.



nerdfaceNerd Face: Because that nerd emoji is just too cute not to use.





“Rock” sign: When you want to be “cool”,  refer to the 90s, or to “turning up.”


slightsmile slightforwnSlightly Frowning/Smiling Face: I never realized how much I needed these. Everything doesn’t have to be so extreme all the time. Can’t we just be sort of smiling/frowning?


completefownComplete Frown: You just got real sad, real fast.



middle fingerReverse Hand with Extended Middle Finger: … I really don’t think I have to explain this one.

A full list of all the new emojis can be found

Which new emoji is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.





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